Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Kits

After a successful hunt, you should not forget about the proper care of your weapon.

The weapon must be thoroughly cleaned after each shooting, this is very important. If the weapon is not cleaned, it will become very dirty over time and, as a result, it will fail.

There are many different tools and devices to properly clean the weapon. However, there is a better option! There are various gun cleaning kits, they are equipped in the most optimal way to deal with any type of contamination for any weapon in the most effective way. 

The Best Gun Cleaning Kits

For all types of cleaning, you will need universal gun cleaning kits. You can buy cleaning tools separately or choose a ready-made cleaning kit in accordance with the type of weapon.

  • Cleaning Rod. Despite the versatility of functions, there are a variety of options on the market. Composite cleaning rods are suitable for shotgun cleaning kits. In rifle cleaning kits, you can find a one-piece model with the possibility of free rotation. There are also universal flexible designs, which are suitable for cleaning any type of gun. To prevent damage to the barrel, the axis of the cleaning rod must have a plastic cover.
  • Brushes. They are nozzles for cleaning rods, which are used at the rough cleaning stage. They have a cylindrical shape. Such brushes are made from various materials: copper, steel, bronze, nylon, or polymers. The type of brush depends on the type of weapon. Pistol cleaning kits have nylon, brass, and bronze brushes. 
  • Patches. They are a modern replacement for rags. Patches are clean disposable cotton cloths. The size of patches is chosen according to the caliber of the rifle. 

We offer the best rated gun cleaning kits for sale. GRITR Sports has kits for any type of weapon from universal ones to 9mm gun cleaning kits. We offer American made gun cleaning kits from top brands, such as Real Avid, Hoppes, and Pro-Shot Products. Even cheap gun cleaning kits significantly extend the life of your weapon.