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The renowned M1911 was one of the most prominent creations of John Browning. Also known as Colt 1911, the pistol firmly entered firearm history and became one of the most popular designs ever. Practically every single firearm maker that produces handguns has their own version of this gun with a bunch of proprietary tweaks to the original design. However, there are several features that make the 1911 pistol what it is and are present in all models regardless of the manufacturer. Short recoil operation with tilting barrel and swinging link, grip, and slide lock safety single-action trigger - those are the features that define the 1911 design. Even though the progenitor M1911 was chambered in .45 ACP, modern reincarnations of the legendary pistol are chambered in a pleiad of calibers. As a result, you can find all manner of 1911 magazines gathered on this page, be it 9mm, .40 S&W, .380 ACP, or .22 LR. The family of 1911 pistols and magazines is extensive, with members bearing different names but sharing a common ancestor and features. Here are several brands that produce the best 1911 magazines, some of which are available right on this page.

The 1911 pistols and accessories are mentioned first on the list of the Wilson Combat’s specializations, and those are plenty, so the order does matter. The brand has been operating since 1977 and earned its reputation thanks to peerless craftsmanship and exceptional reliability. Wilson Combat services quite many local and State law enforcement agencies, both big and small, as well as law enforcement and military units worldwide. The 1911 mags are only one example of the brand’s expertise, but a very illustrative one. 

If you believe that true mastery comes from an undivided focus on one particular activity, you’ll find Mecgar the most proficient brand ever. Magazines are the brand's sole specialization, and it seems there is not a single handgun for which the brand can’t provide a magazine. They have high-capacity 1911 magazines for full-size and officer models in as many as 5 calibers.

As a brand with its own version of 1911 pistols, Chiappa Firearms is bound to produce a magazine for it. That obligation is not burdensome, though, for the brand is known for its line of 1911 pistols chambered in both rimfire and defensive calibers. The mags are as good as the handguns themselves, and the quality of either of them is impeccable.

This is not a complete list of brands whose products you can find on this page. Gritr Sports has many 1911 magazines from such brands as Springfield Armory, Chip McCormick Custom. and others.