Shotgun Magazines

Shotgun Magazines

Shotgun Magazines

People love shotguns for many reasons, such as ammo versatility, ease of use, power, and, of course, aesthetics. Shotguns with magazines may not look appealing, but most of us don’t buy firearms for purely aesthetic reasons. Functionality is the core consideration. In this respect, mag-fed shotguns beat their tube-fed counterparts. Capacity is higher, and reloading is faster. That’s why magazine-fed shotguns are a popular weapon for home defense.

So, if you own a mag-fed shotgun, welcome to Gritr Sports. We carry shotgun parts and accessories, including high-quality shotgun magazines manufactured by industry-leading brands.

Choosing a Shotgun Magazine

First, it’s worth noting that, unlike rifle mags, shotgun box magazines are inherently bulky because of the massive shotshell ammunition. That’s something that you must make up your mind about when choosing a mag-fed gun over a tube-fed one.

Box magazines have a capacity ranging from 5 to 20 rounds. 20 rounds of shotshell ammo loaded into a 12 gauge shotgun magazine is a considerable amount of weight you add to your gun. It can adversely influence balance and ergonomics.

Some shotguns may require you to aggressively slam the mag in place to ensure it’s caught and properly seated. The design of AK-type mags dismantles this issue.

As for materials, metal and polymer mags are good once the build is high-quality. Still, both are susceptible to damage. Metal feed lips are harder to deform, but any damage is harder to notice. On the other hand, once polymer feed lips are damaged, it’s vividly shown.

The Best Shotgun Mags for Sale

Gritr Sports carries an array of shotgun sports mags. Need a 19-round VR60 magazine for your RIA AR-pattern shotgun? We have it. Want a Saiga 12 gauge magazine? ProMag manufactures quality box and drum mags for the Saiga 12 shotguns. You own the Remington 870 DM or the Mossberg 590 M and want to fit it with a drum mag. Check out Gritr Sports' offer. JTS M12AR mag? JTS M12AK drum mag? ATI BullDog mag? We have them all.