Handgun Frames & Parts

Handgun Frames & Parts

While internal components play a pivotal role in a handgun's performance, no pistol could work without housing. Well, at least it would be much more uncomfortable to shoot. Discover the world of handgun frames and parts, where precision meets performance. From the intricate pistol frames to the essential magwells and mag releases, we've got you covered.

Handgun Frames

Just like the human body relies on the skeleton, your handgun depends on the pistol frame. Acting as the backbone, it holds all other components together. Whether you're looking for a ruggedly reliable Glock 19 frame or exploring other handgun frames, you'll find the perfect housing for your future handgun here. These frames are designed with utmost precision to ensure a perfect fit for all the pistol frame parts.

Glock Magwell

When it comes to speedy reloading, nothing beats a well-fitted magwell. For clarity's sake, a magwell is a flared opening at the bottom of the grip on a pistol, which guides the magazine into the pistol frame. Among popular options, the Glock 19x magwell stands out due to its seamless fit and improved functionality. A well-designed magwell not only ensures faster reloading but also provides a better grip, improving the overall handling of your handgun. Note that all the magwells found here are meant for Glock models

Glock Mag Releases

Mag releases are crucial components that allow you to quickly and easily withdraw empty magazines during shooting. One standout product in this category is the Glock extended mag release, specially designed for Glock handguns. The Glock mag release offers a larger contact surface and allows for smoother operation, making magazine changes quicker than ever. Remember, a swift mag release can make all the difference when every second counts.

Gritr Sports boasts a wide selection of pistol frames, Glock magwells and mag releases. We work together with such brands as Rival Arms, Tango Down, Ghost and others to bring you the best quality goods the market has to offer.


Are all handgun frames the same?

No, handgun frames can vary significantly in terms of material, size, weight, and design. Besides, different frames are compatible with different pistol models, so you can't just take any frame and hope it will house the components you have.

How does a Glock extended mag release work?

A Glock extended mag release allows you to quickly and easily change magazines during shooting. Its larger-than-usual contact surface and smooth operation make magazine changes quicker than standard mag releases.

Can I install a Glock mag release or Glock magwell myself?

While it's possible to install these parts yourself, it's always recommended to have them installed by a professional. This ensures the parts are fitted correctly and safely, and that they function as intended.