Gun Cases

Gun Cases

Gun Cases

A gun case is a must for every shooter. After all, a case for a weapon is not just a convenient accessory. It is an essential item just like a bandolier, lubricant, and a gun cleaning kit.

The best rifle case should be made specifically for your weapon. It is better to buy two cases. Hard cases are suitable for long-term transportation and soft ones are ideal for carrying. 

The cases can be made of a variety of materials, but the main role is assigned to rigidity. 

Soft Rifle Case

The first cases were the soft ones. They remain at the peak of popularity regardless of the advent of many varieties of cases.

The outer of soft gun cases is usually made of durable and lightweight fabric. The inside walls are made of thin foam rubber, velvet, flannel, or other similar material. Such models are suitable for carrying weapons.

Soft cases are compact. They provide excellent protection against water and dust. Manufacturers pay special attention to water resistance. Even if a hunter gets caught in the rain, the weapon will remain dry for several hours. However, they are not able to protect the weapon from serious mechanical damage since the thickness of these cases is only 1-2 layers of fabric. They can protect your weapon against minor scratches and scuffs at best.

Hard Rifle Case

Hard cases are the most expensive. However, such cases are the best protection for the gun from scratches, dents, and other mechanical damage. They will also provide reliable protection against dust, dirt, and water.

Cases are quite bulky and heavy, so they are more suitable for transportation than for carrying. Hard cases have mounts and straps inside for better fixation of the gun. Some models have pockets for ammo. Cases are usually made of wood, plastic, durable thick leather, or aluminum. 

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