Optic Accessories

Optic Accessories

Optic Accessories

Optic accessories are essential to ensure the comfortable and durable performance of optics. These devices will significantly expand the capabilities of the optics, protect it, and simplify its operation.

We offer you a wide variety of optic accessories from the top brands such as:

  • Leupold. It’s a world-known company of scopes and accessories. The brand was founded in 1907. Nowadays, Leupold optic accessories are the best on the market. The company uses high-quality materials and up-to-date technologies.
  • Vortex. This brand is a little bit younger than Leupold. Vortex was launched in 1986. This family-owned company provides us not only with scopes and sights but also with accessories for them. Vortex optic accessories are made of high-quality materials. 
  • Nikon. It’s a Japanese corporation that specializes in optics and imaging products. The company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of optics. Nikon is recognizable for its cameras, however, they produce a wide range of goods. Among them are Nikon optic accessories. 

Binocular Accessories

A binocular is a very fragile device. If you put it in the backpack without a cover, the binocular will be easily scratched while carrying. It’s better to put this optic device in bino packs or attach it to a harness. As a result, your hands will always be free and you will forget about accidental falls. 


Tripods are useful for optics with high magnification. The higher magnification is, the more blurred the image will be. The one extra “leg” makes the tripod more stable than any other adapters. You need to fix the optics to the tripod to get a sharp image. 

Optic Cleaners

It’s next to impossible to see something through a dirty lens. Fortunately, we offer one of the most effective cleaning tools. No more lint, no more dirt, no more collapsed patches.

GRITR Sports offers you a wide choice of accessories from thermal optic accessories to camera & optic accessories.