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Gun bullets are the very thing that shows the power of a firearm. This small piece of metal is still at the center of endless research, experiments, and construction. The variety of bullets for hunting is huge. Sometimes, the difference between bullets is not very significant, and sometimes it is huge, so there are certain principles for selecting a bullet depending on the planned hunt. 

Types of Bullets

  • FMJ - Full Metal Jacket. A bullet with a full metal jacket is suitable for sports shooting, training, and hunting. As a rule, the bullet consists of a shell that is made of soft metal and a lead core. FMJ has a classic profile.
  • FPJ - Full Profile Jacket. This bullet is completely closed by a shell. The lead does not interengage with air and powder gasses. FPJs are both pistol and rifle bullets. In terms of ballistic characteristics, they are close to conventional FMJs. 
  • HP - Hollow Point. It’s a bullet with a hollow tip. This is one of the simplest, most popular, and most effective bullets. There is a small hole in the head part, which affects the ballistics a little bit. This type of bullet is expansive: after hitting the target, the projectile increases in diameter.
  • SP - Soft Point. This classic expansive-type bullet has a casing and a soft tip without a hole.
  • JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point. As it comes from the name, this is a regular FMJ bullet, but with a displaced center of gravity. It is rarely used in hunting cartridges and usually has good accuracy. They combine the accuracy of shelled bullets and the expansion of semi-shelled ones.
  • BT - Boat Tail. Such bullets have a boat-shaped body. The shape of the bullet has a conical tail, the bullet is shelled. This design reduces friction and improves bullet ballistics. Bullets of this shape have better speed and accuracy.
  • RN - Round Nose. These are expansion bullets without a cone but with a rounded lead tip. The bullets are heavy, so they are suitable for hunting large game.

Bullets For Sale

We offer .355 rifle bullets and 22 long rifle bullets for sale. What’s more, GRITR Sports has air rifle bullets in stock.