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A bow without arrows is simply a piece of wood with a string. And even though it can remain a deadly weapon in the right hands, more often than not, it becomes pretty unhelpful. The same thing with other range weapons, especially firearms. Firearms need ammo to shoot, otherwise, they are the mere shell of themselves. Moreover, if a gun is a single purchase, ammo will be a frequent flyer on your shopping list. If you are an avid hunter or target shooter, that is. Since you will hardly find a round of .45 ACP lying near a pile of cabbage in your grocery store, it might be more convenient to buy handgun ammo online. And this is a great place to do so. 

Handgun ammo follows the same classification as other types of ammunition. The main difference is in the primer design and caliber. Usually, when inquiring about handgun ammo sizes, one actually means caliber, even though the diameter is only one of several bullet measurements. Even though you don’t need to know the cartridge’s parts and specifications to shoot accurately, it will never hurt to know what you are dealing with. After all, it is the construction peculiarities that determine types of gun ammo.

A cartridge, also known as a round, consists of five components: a primer, a rim, a propellant, a cartridge case, and a bullet. It is a common misconception to take the bullet for the whole cartridge, but the projectile is only a part of the round. Since the bullet is the only part to leave the bore, its diameter should coincide with the bore's diameter, also known as the caliber. Choosing a cartridge with the wrong caliber may lead to a gun’s malfunction, that’s why it is crucial to know your handgun’s bore diameter. A bullet is affixed to the top part of the case, which houses all the bullet components. It also contains a propellant compound, which launches the exothermic reaction inside the cartridge. A propellant (usually gunpowder or cordite) transmits the kinetic energy to the bullet, which, in turn, accelerates to a high muzzle velocity and leaves the bore. Naturally, propellant doesn’t ignite by itself, otherwise, no cartridges could last longer than a second. Igniting the propellant is the main purpose of the primer. In handgun ammunition, the primer usually utilizes shock-sensitive chemicals, which react to the strike of the firing pin by producing heat. This heat is immediately transferred to the propellant and the rest you already know. A rim is an element that allows the firearm extractor to grip the cartridge casing and remove it after the shot is made.

So, what are the most frequent handgun ammo calibers? 9mm ammunition is probably the most popular choice among handgun users. Since 9mm pistols are widely used as self-defense and concealed carry weapons, 9mm ammo’s favorability is understandable. Other well-known rounds include .40 ammo, .45 ACP ammo, .38 special ammo, and .380 ACP ammo. These are all centerfire cartridges that have an external primer located at the base of the case head. Among rimfire calibers, .22 long rifle ammo, also known as 22LR, is the only one more or less widely used.

Popularity might be a sign of quality, but the main principle of choosing pistol ammo is to find one matching your handgun’s caliber. Gritr Sports has tons of handgun ammo for sale. We’ve never actually weighed it, but it is more than enough for everyone looking for ammo. Be it a crowd-pleaser 9mm handgun ammo or less frequently-used calibers, you can find them here.