Fixed Knives

Fixed Knives

Fixed Knives

Fixed blade knives are the most ancient and still extremely relevant tools for any hunter, fisherman, and tourist. Therefore, the problem of choosing a good, high-quality knife for hunting is urgent.

What are the best fixed blade knives? It is rather difficult to answer. Nowadays, knife manufacturers provide a huge selection of various models. That’s why you can always find a reliable tool based on your preferences. 

A hunting knife is used for different purposes. Universal fixed blade hunting knives do not exist. Such knives "for everything in the world" are nothing more than a marketing ploy. It is better to choose a quality knife that will be suitable for a particular case.

Hunting knives, which have curved blades, are suitable for skinning and dressing the animals. Sometimes such models have an additional hook on the blade for ripping carcasses.

You should use a knife with an elongated thin blade in order to quickly finish off the game. This type of blade has a high penetrating ability.

Handle Material

There are also a number of requirements for the handle of tactical fixed blade knives. The tool should fit like a glove. These are the most common types of handle materials.

  • Plastic. Plastic-handled knives are the cheapest. Modern high-tech plastic handles can last you many years and do not require any special care. 
  • Metal. The most durable handles are metal ones. They can withstand any loads and will serve you for decades. 
  • Wood. It’s one of the most common materials of a knife handle. The handle lies comfortably in the palm of your hand and does not slip. 
  • Leather. It’s a practical option that does not require any special maintenance. This lightweight and comfortable handle doesn't slip in the palm of your hand. But the manufacturing process of such a handle is rather complicated, so its price is higher than the tools with other handles.

It’s better to buy fixed blade knives with sheath to prevent the tool from rusting and to avoid cracks on the handle. GRITR Sports has top fixed blade knives for any type of hunting.