Paintball Markers

Paintball Markers

Paintball Markers

Choosing a personal paintball gun is always a big deal for a player. A paintball marker is an air gun that shoots softballs of paint.

What paintball gun brand to choose is a matter of your personal preferences and needs. Paint ball markers produced by the following brands are worth paying attention to:

  • Empire. It is one of the most popular paintball manufacturers on the market. They make extremely lightweight paintball markers. Axe paintball guns are easy to control and they are able to shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. The two-handle design is very comfortable. Such guns are suitable for intermediate and advanced players.
  • Tippmann. Tippmann paintball markers are one of the coolest. Reasonable prices, reliability, and ease of use - all these features separate them from average cheap paintball markers. Such weapons are ideal both for beginners and advanced players.
  • Valken. It’s a rather new company, but it has already gained popularity among players. Thanks to Valken, paintball markers can be affordable. The company produces durable, reliable, and powerful paintball guns. 

Types of Paintball Markers

Paintball markers can be mechanical or electronic. These two types are fundamentally different in their purpose and price.

Mechanical markers are widely used in tactical paintball. The advantages of this pneumatic weapon are hit accuracy and low price. The disadvantage is low reloading speed. Such markers are ideal for freshmen because they are affordable and easy to maintain. 

Electronic markers outperform their mechanical counterparts in terms of rate of fire and mode options. The rate of fire can be more than eight shots per second. The settings allow you to shoot in semi-automatic mode and fully automatic mode. Electronic markers are equipped with sensors that monitor the position of the ball in the marker. The main advantages of electronic markers besides the rate of fire and various firing modes are their small size and weight. Such markers are perfect for professional players.

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