.45 ACP Ammo

.45 ACP Ammo

.45 ACP Ammo

.45 ACP is an iconic American cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1904, two years after the Philippine-American War. During this war, existing rounds proved to be less effective because of the lack of stopping power. Such poor performance prompted the development of a more powerful caliber.

Then Browning submitted the cartridge for trials which were successfully passed. Soon after that, a .45 ACP cartridge was adopted by the military.

Though the military replaced it with 9mm in 1985, .45 ACP is still used by law enforcement officers, sportsmen, and civilians who care about self-defense.

.45 ACP (aka .45 Auto) is a rimless straight-walled cartridge. A standard-issue round comprises a 230-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 830 fps. The cartridge operates at the pressure of 21,000 psi. The case length is .898 in and the bullet diameter is .452 in.

As you can conclude from the specs, this round comprises a large bullet especially effective against human targets due to the stopping power. At the same time, it is weighty and slow which results in a faster bullet drop and limited armor penetration capability.

The greater length and diameter of the cartridge means lower magazine capacity or longer and wider grip.

Due to the relatively low pressure, the .45 ACP cartridge not only gives moderate recoil but also reduces bolt thrust ensuring the longevity of your handgun.

.45 ACP FMJ bullet is non-expanding and penetrates deeper which may lead to vital organs damage. Expanding version (JHP) of .45 ACP is even more effective against living targets. The penetration power is lower, but the wound inflicted is larger in diameter.

The .45 ACP cartridge is produced in several load variations ranging from 68 grains to 300 grains.

You may also come across .45 ACP rounds under the +P designation. Such cartridges are loaded to withstand a higher pressure level and possess higher velocity.

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