Gun stocks for a rifle are a guarantee of an accurate shot, comfort, and safety of the owner of the weapon.

A buttstock provides practicality, reliability, ease of shooting and transportation. For a successful shot you need a complete feeling of confluence of the shooter with the gun and the convenience of a grip. A good buttstock can provide such a feeling.

Types of Buttstocks

  • The Classic Stock

This is one of the most popular models due to the ease of manufacture and versatility of use. The classic shape of the pistol stock can be used immediately after purchase without any adjustment. However, at the same time, a shooter may adapt to a gun or rifle, which greatly reduces the accuracy of shooting.

  • The Contemporary Stock

The stock, which is called Monte Carlo, is used mainly on custom-made piece weapons. Such grips are much more pronounced and larger than the classic-style stock, often with a flared style of daring design capped with highly contrasting woods. This sound and useful stock style fits many shooters better than the classic-style stock.

  • The Synthetic Stock

Most manufacturers offer synthetic stocks. They are strong, stable, made of high-quality materials, and will serve you for years. Such models are easy to maintain.

  • The Semi-inletted Stock

Semi-inletted stocks are designed from rough blanks. They’re available in different styles, with various dimensions as well. Each brand strives to individualize its product line so that we can clearly recognize its buttstocks.

  • The Custom Stock

It’s wood gun stocks. The beauty of the custom stock’s figured wood, blended with utility, is built around one specific shooter. Perfect fit is impossible to achieve in any other than a custom stock. 

Swap out your factory stock for a better one. Whether you're completing a new rifle build or simply reducing weight on your shotgun, we carry buttstocks from the top brands like Blackhawk and Magpul. You'll find both fixed and adjustable stock varieties, and many come with additional upgrades like storage compartments.