Spotting Scopes

Spotting Scopes

Spotting Scopes

A telescope is an optical instrument that is often found in famous novels and cult movies. Brave sailors conquered new horizons and discovered distant lands with the optical device. However, telescopes are not very comfortable for transportation due to their big size. That’s why people invented spotting scopes.

A spotting scope is an optical instrument that looks like a small telescope. Hunting spotting scopes are compact and lightweight. They provide a lower magnification than any telescope, but  special prisms ensure a sharp image.

Spotting scopes for target shooting are a good compromise between the size of the equipment and its functionality.

The Best Spotting Scopes

You can choose spotting scopes for hunting from both world-known brands and those that are still on their way to finding their place in the sun. What brand to choose is a matter of your personal preference. Choosing a spotting scope you can take numerous professional reviews into consideration. Spotting scopes produced by the following brands are worth paying attention to:

  • Nikon. It’s a world-famous Japanese manufacturer of optical equipment and cameras. The company provides its customers with high-quality products and modern designs. Nikon produces up-to-date spotting scopes with ED glass. 
  • Leupold. It’s a well-known manufacturer of optical equipment. They have kept up with the times since 1907. They offer modern optical devices and high-quality accessories for children and adults. The company makes one of the best spotting scopes on the market. The frame of the Leupold spotting scopes reliably protects lenses against mechanical damage.
  • Vortex. It’s an American brand with a long history. Nowadays, the company is one of the largest suppliers of hunting optics in the world. All models are made of high-quality materials. Vortex spotting scopes are used not only for observation but also for photography due to their excellent optical performance.

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