Gun Refinishing

Gun Refinishing

Gun Refinishing

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You have all heard about the necessity of gun maintenance, and we wrote about how important it is to take care of your firearm many times. However attentive and diligent you might be at cleaning and polishing, the time will inevitably take its toll. There is little a piece of cloth can do to fix a dent, and no brush will make a gouge disappear. Every passionate gun owner who wants their gun to last should be ready to launch a heavy cavalry. In this category, you will find all the solutions and oils you need for professional gun stock refinishing and gun bluing. 

Gun Stock Refinishing

Refinishing a gun stock is a tedious process, but it’s essential to prolong the service life of your firearm. It begins with sanding the stock with abrasive paper to remove the scratches. The general rule is to start with 120-grit, working your way down to 180- and 280-grit paper, and finish with extra fine steel wool. After wiping the stock with a tack cloth, you can proceed to apply a stock finish. Tru Oil gun stock finish, for example, is a fast-drying blend of linseed and natural oils that serves as a perfect base layer for applying stainers. Light-colored woods can be covered with Birchwood Walnut Stain for various beautiful shades of brown. 

Gun Bluing 

Stock is not the only part of a firearm prone to wear. Even metal, more resilient in its nature, cannot resist the tests of time. Gun bluing is one of the ways to make the barrel look great again. Applying a new layer of gun finishing works wonders with the looks. However, you shouldn’t jump to applying gun-bluing liquid right away. Cleaning and degreasing are vital for proper metal refinishing. Before bluing a gun barrel, it is also important to remove old blueing and rust for the new layer to take hold. Birchwood Casey produces top-quality cold gun bluing solutions that are effective and affordable.

Here, on Gritr Sports, you can find everything you need for gun refinishing. Be it oil stock finishes, stains, touch-ups, or rust removers, you can find it here. In addition to the goods produced by the industry’s master Birchwood Casey, you can find products of such brands as Shooters Choice and Wheeler