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No matter how high the quality of your stock firearm is, sooner or later, it will require the replacement of some parts. All things that go bang work under enormous pressure, and while they are built to withstand them, no manufacturer guarantees repair-less functioning for decades. For example, the AR-15 bolt tends to wear out first when using the rifle regularly. The bolt wear-out manifests in splitting along the locking lug break or the cam pin holes, which causes misfeeds and jams. It can only be fixed through bolt replacement.

In semi-automatic pistols, the parts that wear out the fastest are the recoil spring assembly, the slide lock spring, the magazine catch spring, and the trigger spring. Again, the only way to remedy that is to replace these springs.

The other reasons for firearm part replacement are customization and upgrading. For example, you’ve bought a pistol, but you’re hands are too small to hit mag safety while maintaining a proper grip. In this case, you may want an extended mag release. Another example is when you’re not fully satisfied with the stock trigger on your AR-15 and want to replace it with a lighter or a heavier one. If you have a rifle with traditional stock and want to upgrade it to achieve higher accuracy, you may want to change it to a metal chassis.

Whatever your intentions, our gun store carries an array of gun parts for your revolver, rifle, pistol, or shotgun. All products are manufactured by reputable brands, such as Glock, Aero Precision, Sig Sauer, Ballistic Advantage, CMC Triggers, CZ, CMMG, Pro Mag, Magpul, and many others.

Best Pistol Parts for Sale

Gritr Sports carries a wide range of custom pistol parts and accessories, including barrels, triggers, magazines, slides, hammers, firing pins, springs, mag releases, panel grips, etc.

Best Rifle Parts for Sale

Fans of America’s beloved platform are welcome to shop for the best custom AR-15 parts and accessories from trusted AR-15 brands. We carry everything from BGSs, bolts, charging handles, and triggers to grips, gas blocks, gas tubes, and dust covers. We also offer parts and accessories for non-AR rifles (Mossberg, Remington, Ruger, and so on).

Don’t google “gun parts near me.” Shop on, and we’ll deliver any product on our gun parts catalog to whatever U.S. location.