Hunting Clothing

Hunting Clothing

Hunting Clothing

While some people may think of hunting clothes only as of something that helps blend with surroundings, it provides far more than this. First of all, it serves to ensure comfort and keep you warm, dry, and undamaged during your hunting trip. It may last for several hours or a week, and God knows what weather events may catch you during this time. You should be ready for any turn of events. Here is when a set of thought-out hunting clothing comes to the help.

When talking about hunting apparel, experienced hunters think layers. The more layers, the better. Ideally, a prepared hunter should go with three layers of clothing.


Inner-layer clothes (such as long sleeve shirts and underwear) manage moisture and keep you dry. Depending on weather conditions, go for lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight inner clothes. Lightweight inner layer is intended to wick moisture away and dry quickly but provides poor insulation. This is the best choice for mild weather. Typically, lightweight baselayer clothing is made from polyester. You will also find cotton options. Cotton provides next-to-skin comfort, but absorbs moisture like hell and takes a long time to dry.

Midweight layer provides better insulation for colder weather conditions and manages moisture well. Midweight merino wool hunting clothes ensure next-to-skin comfort and have odor-resistant properties.

Heavyweight layer provides high insulation and will keep you warm in cold weather. You will come across options made of synthetic materials or wool.


Hoodies, vests, pullovers fall under this category. Middle layer clothes regulate your body temperature and keep you warm. But it also should be comfortable enough to take off when you are hot. Polyester and merino wool materials work well for this layer.

Outer layer

Outer layer jackets, vests, and pants focus on managing water, keeping you warm, and dealing with environmental elements such as brunches and bushes. Water- and wind-resistant outer apparel ensures maximum comfort. Also, make sure it is made of quiet fabric, otherwise, it may ruin all the fun.

Consider wearing some blaze orange for other hunters to notice you.

Gloves are as necessary an element of hunting apparel as everything mentioned above. They will keep your fingers warm to make sure you will take a precise shot. Consider buying a pair of touchscreen-compatible gloves.

As you probably know, your head loses much heat. So wearing a hat in cold weather helps save energy and makes you feel comfortable. And on sunny days, caps will protect you from sunstroke.

Today many women join the hunter community, and hunting isn’t deemed as a male preserve anymore. Hunting apparel brands are aware of that and do not limit their offering to men’s hunting clothing only producing all necessary wearing gear for women as well. So shopping for women’s hunting clothes has become much easier. 

If you like to test your limits hunting in harsh cold environments, heated hunting clothes will provide extra comfort during your adventures so you could enjoy it to the fullest.

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