Knife Accessories

Knife Accessories

Knife Accessories

It is probably impossible to find a person who has never used a knife. The knife is one of the most important tools, which requires special care.

No matter how sharp and strong the knife blade may be, it will eventually become dull. The more often you use the tool, the faster this unpleasant moment will come.

However, there is nothing to worry about. Fortunately, GRITR Sports offers a huge number of accessories that can restore the functionality of your knife. This includes case knife accessories, different types of knife sharpeners, and tools which are used for maintenance. Thanks to these accessories, you will always be confident in the state of serviceability of the hunting knife.

Types of Knife Sharpeners

The choice of knife and tool sharpeners is a matter of personal preference. 

  • Classic sharpener. It’s designed for small and medium-sized blades. It’s convenient to select the sharpening angle. Some kits include different diamond paste.
  • Sharpening bar. It is used to correct serious defects on blades.
  • Honing steel. It’s sharpening steel with a handle. Such models are unsuitable for strong sharpening.
  • Electric sharpener. It is used for sharpening various blades. You can automatically select a necessary angle. It’s suitable for fixing a lot of damage.

Hunting Knife Care

Basic rules for the care of a hunting knife:

  • Sharpening is an obligatory procedure that should be done regularly.
  • The blade usually loses its lustre and sometimes rusts. That’s why you should use oil and diamond paste to keep the knife shiny and remove the rust.
  • The handle of the knife also requires special care. It is recommended to keep the blade away from moisture, hot batteries, and open sunlight. It’s better to store the knife in special case. Storage sheaths protect the knife against external impacts and protect the owner from accidental cuts. 

GRITR Sports offers sheaths and knife sharpeners for sale that will help your knife last for years.