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Earpieces are a necessary piece of equipment for hunters, fans of tactical activities, and shooters. Tactical earpieces damp down noise, which helps to quickly navigate in a difficult situation. Quiet sounds are amplified by devices that are similar to hearing aids. They include a scanner that works within a certain range. The best earpieces can pick up minor noise even at very great distances. In addition, tactical headsets with a microphone allow you to maintain wireless communication. This option is perfect for fans of airsoft and other military tactical entertainments.

Moreover, these devices protect hearing organs from injuries, which can be caused by loud sounds of gunshots. Shooting ear protection is also suitable for tactical operations during which flash-bang grenades are used.  

Electronic ear protection is essential for use at a shooting range or while  hunting. The performance of the devices may vary significantly depending on the purpose of use. They differ in quality, versatility, and level of moisture resistance. You can even dive under the water in some models. 

How to Choose Earpieces and Microphones?

There are a number of criteria to consider when choosing earpieces and microphones:

  • Size and weight. The lighter the tactical microphone and earpieces are, the better. 
  • Clearness of the acoustic signal. It’s important how clearly the headphones amplify the sound. If the accuracy is low, it will be very difficult to find out the source of the external noise.
  • Access control. The best devices provide a one-touch change in volume. It will also be a big advantage to have a separate sound setting for each ear.
  • The level of moisture resistance. Microphones and earpieces should be waterproof since the use of such devices takes place in the open air, not in the most favorable conditions.
  • Types of fixing. The earpieces should fit snugly on your ears even while running. 
  • The built-in walkie-talkie. It provides an opportunity for communication while playing a team game or during a group hunt. 

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