Earpieces & Microphones

Earpieces & Microphones

Earpieces & Microphones

One could compare law enforcers to jugglers trying to retain four loaded guns in the air while balancing on a circus ball. The list of things officers need to do and keep in mind is striking, and the majority of those tasks require their hands to be occupied. Though old-fashioned radios haven’t gone out of fashion, they are far less convenient when used without any complements. Tactical earpieces and microphones are indispensable for comfortable service, but everyone who needs quick and convenient communication may benefit from using them. Whether you are a law enforcer reporting to the Department or an avid strike ball player who coordinates the whole team, an earpiece is an essential tool of your trade.

Ear Inserts

Earpieces, however comfortable and convenient, are not deprived of the drawbacks. When there is a voice constantly speaking to your ear, it’s easy to lose awareness of the surroundings if not for the loss of focus, then for hearing issues. Ear inserts don't block your ear canal, allowing you to hear both your radio and the sound of the world around you. As a rule, ear inserts are highly compatible with Eartube headsets and earpieces even when produced by different brands, so finding the matching ones is not an issue. They come in three traditional sizes, so regardless of how big or small your auricle is, there is an ear insert you can use.   

Tactical Headsets

Tactical radio headsets make for great companions for everyone utilizing the radio. Some are more comfortable than others, but every radio owner needs at least one. Every tactical headset with a microphone comprises two vital elements: an earpiece for receiving and a microphone for transmitting. If you are looking for a headset for Motorola radio, this is the place you need.      

Ear-bone Microphones

The progress never stops, and now traditional speakers share the grounds with their in-ear colleges. The benefits are apparent: you don’t need a hand to operate a speaker, and such a construction is much less cumbersome. Ear-bone microphone headsets combine bone conduction micros and in-ear speakers in a single headpiece. If you value convenience, that configuration might be to your liking.

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