Rifle Lower & Upper Parts Kits

Rifle Lower & Upper Parts Kits

AR-15 Lower Kits

AR-15 Lower Receivers Kits form the heart of any custom AR build. These components are the foundation upon which the rest of the rifle is built, making them one of the most important parts of an AR-15. The AR lower houses the fire control group and magazine well and provides the mounting points for the stock and upper receiver. To complete the lower, you'll need an AR 15 lower parts kit, which typically includes components like the trigger assembly, safety selector and takedown pins. It's worth keeping in mind that the AR 15 lower receiver is the serialized part of the firearm, meaning it's the component that's regulated by law and requires a background check for purchase.

AR-15 Uppers Kits

The AR-15 upper receivers kit contains essential components that house the bolt carrier group, barrel and handguard, all vital to the functionality of the rifle. The AR uppers connect directly to the lower receivers, creating the core framework of the AR-15.

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What is included in the AR Lower Parts Kit?

The Rifle Lower Parts Kit typically includes all the necessary components to complete your lower receiver such as the trigger assembly, safety selector, pistol grip, and takedown pins. However, the exact contents can vary depending on the brand and model of the kit.

What components are part of the AR Upper Parts Kit?

A Rifle Upper Parts Kit usually contains parts like barrels, muzzle devices, BCGs, gas tubes and blocks, handguards, charging handles and others. Like the lower parts kit, the specific components included may differ based on the manufacturer and model of the kit.

Are all Rifle Lower & Upper Parts Kits compatible with any AR-15?

While the majority of parts are designed to be universally compatible with any AR-15 rifle, there can be exceptions. Some kits may only be compatible with specific models or brands.