Rifle Charging Handle Parts

Rifle Charging Handle Parts

AR Charging Handles

A charging handle is a device that you need to pull back and then release to load the first round into an empty chamber or eject an unfired round.
At GRITR Sports, we take pride in offering a premium selection of AR-15 and AR-10 charging handles from the industry's top manufacturers, such as Aero Precision, Strike Industries, Radian Weapons, Geissele Automatics, CMMG, and more, each bringing their unique blend of innovation, precision, and durability to the table. Whether you're a professional shooter, a gun enthusiast, or a beginner to the sport, we have the perfect AR charging handle for your needs - the Radian Raptor LT, the Aero Precision Ambidextrous Charging Handle, the Geissele Super Charging Handle - you name it. Choose GRITR Sports for your AR-15 charging handles; it's not just a purchase - it's an investment in excellence.


What does a charging handle do?

When retracted and then released, a charging handle readies the first round into an empty chamber or expels an unfired round.

Which hand do you pull a charging handle?

The charging handle on an AR-style rifle is located on the upper back portion of the firearm and is designed to be pulled with the right hand. This design is based on the assumption that the shooter is right-handed and holds the grip of the firearm with their right hand while using their left hand to pull the charging handle. In response to the needs of left-handed shooters or those who prefer using their left hand to charge the firearm, there are ambidextrous charging handles available.

Do AR-15 charging handles make a difference?

Yes, the type of charging handle you use on your AR-15 can indeed make a difference. There are various types of charging handles available, each with their own unique features. Some offer enhanced durability, others provide better grip, and some are specifically designed for ambidextrous use. Also, many manufacturers provide charging handles in various colors. However, it's also worth noting that not all shooters may require the best charging handles. Some users argue that more affordable options can serve just as well for casual or less frequent shooting.