AMS BOWFISHING AnKor FX Point Fiberglass Arrow A206-FLO

AMS BOWFISHING AnKor FX Point Fiberglass Arrow with Fluorescent Green Shaft and EverGlide Safety Slide (A206-FLO)

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  • AnKor FX Point
  • Lightweight Design
  • Superior Holding Power
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rock Tested Cyclone Tip
  • 5/16" Fiberglass Shaft
  • 32" Length
  • Fluorescent Green Shaft
  • AMS EverGlide Safety Slide

The patented AMS AnKor FX, with its AMS Cyclone tip has all the features that serious bowfishers need when on the water. Its lightweight design, stainless steel construction, collapsed barbs and short body offer great penetration.

The AnKor FX is great for all fish but is exceptional for softer fleshed or larger fish due to its great penetration and holding power. The barbs are collapsed on the shot allowing the smallest entry hole possible. When engaged in the fish, three barbs spread to 2.5" of holding area. Fish removal is simple, just loosen the tip a couple turns to flip the barbs. There's no need to completely remove the tip.

AMS fiberglass shafts are glossy smooth, super-straight and ultra-durable! You'll find that they are the straightest, best quality shafts on the market! Each shaft is manually inspected by AMS for straightness and only the straightest shafts are used! Each shaft is 5/16" in diameter and 32" long. This complete, ready to shoot arrow will also include the patented AMS EverGlide Safety Slide system installed to the shaft.

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Point Material Stainless Steel
Weight, grains 271
Inside Diameter, in 5/16"
# of Barbs 3 barbs
Barb Length, in 1"
Engaged Holding Area, in 2.5" in diameter
Penetration to Engage, in 2 1/8"
Entry Hole, in 3/4" in diameter
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Fluorescent Green
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