FROGLUBE CLP Paste 4oz Tub Lubricant Cleaner 14696
Frog Lube

FROGLUBE CLP Paste 4oz Tub Lubricant/Cleaner (14696)

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  • Cleaning, lubricating and rust prevention product
  • All natural
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally green
  • CLP Paste 4 fl oz (118 ml) Jar

Frog Lube CLP Paste, 4 oz Tub, Biodegradable Lubricant, Cleaner and Protection (14696)

FROGLUBE® is a cutting edge biodegradable lubricant made from “USDA Certified Food-Grade”. All ingredients are produced in the USA using a proprietary formula. It is a non-toxic substance that dissolves carbon on contact. It has a heavy specific gravity, which enables it to ‘season’ the metal by absorption deep into the pores. Using FROGLUBE® results in a durable dry slick wax-like surface that reduces friction, eliminates fouling, and destroys rust. FROGLUBE® is safe for plastic, urethane, nylon, and wood. FROGLUBE®will give your weapon many extended years of service.

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Hunting, Shooting
Firearm Maintenance
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1 Review

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    FROGLUBE CLP Paste 4oz Tub Lubricant/Cleaner (14696)

    Posted by Trusted customer on Apr 4th 2018

    was skeptical at first but decided to try. I cleaned and lubed 2 new guns I had just purchased. Ruger 10/22 and mk3 22/45 as 22lr are the dirtiest calibers I have found. I fully disassembled both guns and heated with a heat gun and applied with a paste brush. I wiped down all gun parts per instructions not leaving any residue. Guns set in safe a month before I had a chance to shoot. After I did get to the range I shot approximately 400 rounds out of each gun. I found they cleaned with just a swab and a Q-tip. However after the second range trip I completely broke down guns and cleaned and re-lubed with heat gun. That's been several thousands rounds ago and haven't done anymore than wipe off with swab and Q-tip since. Iam very pleased with product and started stripping more guns and applying frog lube. This will last a long long time and will continue to use from now on. I do hear stories of Gummig up but have not had any problems even when I shot in - 10 degree weather. I think the problems are people not cleaning off the gun enough after applying. I would recommend this product for anyone not happy with there current lube. Once you take the time to apply correctly the first time you will be pleased. I have heard this is just coconut oil and it maybe. I have used coconut oil in the past and it works well but harder to apply but what ever they put in it makes it much easier to apply and has a pleasing smell so worth the extra money than just plain coconut oil.

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