Gritr Range LTC Classes

This is the Texas DPS approved course that will satisfy the 4-6 classroom hours required by the state to obtain a License To Carry. Following the course there will be a Written Exam & a Range Proficiency exam that students will be required to complete both with a passing score. 


4-6 hours of lecture and testing, the class is presented by an entertaining Power Point and open discussion format.

We cover laws regarding Texas Open/Concealed Carry, Use of Force and Deadly Force, TMPA, Castle Law, and non-violent dispute resolution.

The Criminal and Civil Courts systems and how to protect your assets if your involved in a shooting, what to say and what not to say to the police.

Instructors bring experience to make your class enjoyable and educational.

A range qualification fee, rental firearms and ammo are additional fees, that may be accrued the day of the class.

  • It is a requirement by the TX DPS that the LTC Applicant must know how to shoot and be proficient on the handling of a handgun.
  • Class starts at 1030am and applicants must be in their seats by 1015am
  • Customers should sign the range waiver prior to the start of the class
  • Registration for class closes 24h prior to the day of the class.


  • Valid ID
  • Paper & Pen for notes
  • Eye & ear protection, which can be purchased at the range
  • Firearm and 50 rounds of ammo*

* Firearms will be available for rent for the class