How To Redeem Points

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step one   You can redeem points right after they are credited to your account. At the bottom of the main page and the shopping cart you will find notifications that reflect the highest value of a reward that you can redeem.

step one part 2

examlpleHowever, you can choose any of 10 rewards with lower discount depending on the minimal purchase price (taxes and shipping rates are not included).

step two


look at the formIn the Use Points tab of the Rewards program overlay you are free to choose the reward you’d like to use, click Get Code > Confirm > Copy Coupon Code.

step three

step four

step five

how to fill the form inThen browse to the Shopping Cart, click Add Coupon, paste the previously copied code to the field and click on Apply button.

step six


fill in the formNow you see the discount applied!

step seven


more examplesGo to the Checkout page and complete your order.

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