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Air Guns

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If you have always thought that an airgun is a gun that shoots air, then, friend, have we got some news for you. Even though the air in one of its many forms plays the key role in operating, air guns still shoot good old projectiles. They are quite different from firearm ammunition loaded with gun powder and are less lethal. Since airguns are not considered firearms, they are not regulated by the federal government and are much easier to get. The main applications are sport shooting and plinking, though it’s not uncommon to go small game hunting with airguns either.

How Do Airguns Work? 

Instead of utilizing chemical reactions to pressurize gasses, airguns fire projectiles pneumatically with mechanically compressed air or other gasses. The component that provides the air pressure to propel projectiles bears the name powerplant. There are three major powerplant varieties: spring-piston, pneumatic, and compressed gas. Each of them operates on different principles but they all do the same thing. Spring air guns utilize the elastic energy stored in the spring-loaded piston pump assembly. Pneumatic airguns propel projectiles with the help of potential energy of the compressed air that is pressurized and stored inside the gun. They are further divided into pump airguns, that can pressurize air autonomically, and pre-charged airguns, that operate the air from an external source (a diving cylinder or air compressor). The last category utilizes compressed gas from detachable pressure reservoirs and are known as CG guns.

Airgun Projectiles

As we’ve already mentioned, airguns have their own type of ammunition. You can often hear the word combination airgun pellets, and while those are indeed the most common airgun ammunition variety, they are not the only one. A small metallic ball called BB is another projectile that used to be extremely popular. The BB gun once dominated the airgun market but those days are gone. The main difference between the two projectiles is their form: while BBs are simple round steel balls, pellets are usually wasp-waisted diabolo-shaped. Pellet airguns are widely represented on this page, but we didn’t abandon BB guns either.

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