Used Guns

Used Guns

Used Guns

If you think used guns should be ignored due to a bit of wear and tear, then you have to think one more time. Gun manufacturers convince a lot of people that they should buy only new weapons. However, it’s not always true.

With a bit of maintenance, used firearms may last thousands of shots, if not hundreds of thousands. Some guns are being sold because of technical defects, while others are being sold because the owner wanted more space in his safe or something like that. When buying a used gun in good condition, you can save more than 20% compared to the cost of a brand new gun.  

Used Rifles

Buying a used rifle, you should pay attention to the last 2 inches of the barrel. Hunters often only fire their rifle once or twice a season, which burns the oil from the barrel and leaves it exposed to the elements. If the weapon is not cleaned and oiled before it is put back into the safe, the last two inches can become rusty and pitted.

When choosing a rifle with a wooden stock, you should make sure the wood doesn't warp. In addition, you should check for nicks on the crown or end of the barrel, which can significantly affect accuracy.

Used Pistol Guns

If you want to buy a used pistol gun, make sure all safety devices are fully functional. For grip safety, pull the trigger without pulling the safety device to see if it works and for thumb safety. Check the barrel for bulges, rust, pitting, and uneven wear. Rings inside the barrel are a bad sign. Also, make sure the muzzle end of the barrel is not too worn or damaged.

Used Revolvers

Make sure the chamber is properly aligned with the barrel and there is no play in the cylinder, especially when the gun is cocked. The trigger should work properly: you cannot pull it when the weapon is cocked. Check a revolver for wear and tear. If it looks beat up, it may indicate that it has not been taken care of properly.

GRITR Sports is a licensed seller, which has a wide range of used guns for sale from revolvers and pistols to rifles and shotguns. We offer to buy used guns online. You will definitely fall in love with them. Through our gun buying and selling services, we have a constantly updated arsenal of quality used guns. Used hand guns may give you options in your desired price range, or maybe something unique will grab your attention.


What should I check for when buying a used gun?

When buying a used gun, check its exterior condition, ensure all controls work, and look for the serial number to ensure it's intact and readable. However, we do all of that in your steed, so there's nothing fancy you need to do - we inspect all firearms before buying them.

What kind of used guns can I find on your website?

Our inventory varies, but you can typically find a wide range of used firearms, including handguns, rifles and shotguns from various manufacturers.

Is the inventory of used guns constantly replenished?

Yes, our inventory of used guns is continually updated as we acquire more firearms. We recommend checking back frequently if you're looking for a specific model.

Can I sell a used gun to you?

Yes, all the guns you see here were sold to us by our customers. However, we require all sellers to comply with state and federal laws, and we may require documentation proving ownership and legality of the firearm.

Do you buy large collections of firearms?

Yes, we do buy large collections. For such cases, we can arrange to assess the collection at a location of your choice. Please contact us to organize this.