TIGHTSPOT QUIVER 5 Arrow Quiver Lite Moss Green RH TSQAMB-R
Tightspot Quiver

TIGHTSPOT QUIVER 5 Arrow Quiver Lite Moss Green Right Hand (TSQAMB-R)

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  • Made of a new space-age polymer, the hood on a TightSpot is so amazingly strong, you can drive over it with your truck!
  • Featuring a virtually unbreakable hood this Tightspot quiver will serve you for years to come
  • Expandables tend to open when you bury them in foam. In a TightSpot, only the tip of the broadhead contacts the insert
  • This means no dull blades or accidentally opened expandables and an insert that outlasts foam 10 to 1
  • A simple lift of the QuickLock cam disengages the TightSpot quiver from the dovetail base, allowing you to quickly remove the quiver
  • The TightSpot quiver with the exclusive 3-way adjustment provides fine-tuning of the bow balance using the quiver
  • Adjust up, down, forward, back, in, and out. The result is a -precisely balanced bow that increases accuracy
  • The patented Bulldog Gripper system, with Arrow Wedges, provides individually adjustable arrow tension
  • Adjustable to fit nearly every arrow diameter; Quick detach allows the user to remove the quiver from the bow quickly and quietly

The TightSpot 5 arrow quiver is the answer to a lot of the inherent problems with today's quivers. An ingenious design that brings the quiver as close as possible to your riser drastically reducing torque and thus increasing accuracy. The Tightspot also has some other outstanding features. The built in rubber hood insert helps absorb vibration and keeps your broadheads sharp as they don't have to slide in and out of foam. It also has the ability to customize the "fit" of your arrows in the rubber arrow gripper as they are individually adjustable with small screws. For years quivers have had one standard arrow size that fit well and if you shot skinny or fat arrow shafts you had to deal with those problems. With an adjustable screw you can customize each individual gripper for a perfect fit. Archers using really skinny shafts like the Victory VAP's or Easton Injexion will really appreciate this feature. The arrow quiver is also vertically adjustable so you can customize its location and balance.

- Available in Right or Left hand;
- Overall Length 19-3/4";
- Distance from gripper to hood 18";
- Lighter Weight- 9.9 oz;
- Structure - Carbon rods with machined aircraft aluminum;
- Gripper - Customizable arrow wedge;
- 5 Arrow capacity;
- Acoustic Dampening Material in hood;
- New hood accepts larger broadheads;
TightSpot also makes a bracket to allow compatibility for some slider sights that adjust from the back, and you can buy extra mounting brackets to allow easy transfer from one bow to another.

Up Or Down
This movement not only allows you to adjust bow balance, but it also lets you adjust the quiver high enough so your arrow nocks don't dig into the dirt.

Forward or Back
Rotating TightSpot forward or back lets you fine-tune bow balance, much like a stabilizer.

In or Out
By sliding your TightSpot quiver in close to your bow on the patented dovetail rail, you will virtually eliminate any torque.
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