BERETTA Men WaterShield Otter Glove GL351T06570836

BERETTA Men's WaterShield Otter Glove (GL351T06570836)

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  • BERETTA Men's WaterShield Otter Glove (GL351T06570836)
  • BERETTA Men's WaterShield Otter Glove (GL351T06570836)
  • BERETTA Men's WaterShield Otter Glove (GL351T06570836)
  • BERETTA Men's WaterShield Otter Glove (GL351T06570836)
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  • The gloves feature Polartec wind pro technology - Polartec Wind Pro fabric is extremely breathable
  • This fabric provides 4 times more wind resistance than traditional fleece
  • This Beretta WaterShield Gloves are equipped with the water-resistant technology membrane (WRT) to allow gloves be watertight
  • The thin construction, together with the anti-slip and gripping palm insert, helps with a comfortable trigger pull
  • Gloves feature touch-screen compatible index fingers so you easily tap your smartphone to take a call or change a tune
  • The WaterShield Gloves feature the Beretta logo on the back of hands displaying your Beretta pride
  • These Beretta WaterShield gloves are suitable for temperatures from 32 F to 50 F
  • These gloves also feature neoprene cuff with elastic insert for a comfortable wearing experience
  • These Beretta men's WaterShield gloves come in a variety of sizes
The WaterShield Gloves are made of a thin, water-resistant and windproof Polartec material that features finger-tip inserts to allow the use of touch screen devices. These men’s hunting gloves also utilize an anti-slip and gripping palm insert that facilitates for a comfortable trigger pull

Hunting Accessories

To complete the ideal equipment for hunting or for your days out, Beretta offers a selection of scarves, gloves and hats, from the technical and performing ones to the traditional in materials and design. More hats and gloves, coordinated with specific product families, are represented in their segment.

Beretta has been making top quality products for a very long time, and the Beretta Ls Birdy shirt is their particular manner of showing you just how much they are concerned.

The TRIDENT Story - what does the Beretta logo mean?
Like all respectable 500-year old companies, Beretta has had its share of logos: the shield with the letters "PB" (for Pietro Beretta, the father of the industrialized Beretta,) the duck with open wings, and the more simple "Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta" are some of the representations.

And then, there's the "Trident," which (truth be told) is not a trident at all.

The poet, writer, director, mariner, and journalist Gabriele D'Annunzio developed this graphic design to symbolize the will to get things done. The encircled arrows represent the three shots fired by a battleship that engages a potential enemy: the arrow on the left represents the first warning shot, fired at the ship's stern; the arrow on the right represents the second warning shot, fired at the ship's bow. The central arrow is the last round fired when the ship doesn't yield: this one is aimed at the ship itself. The logo was dubbed "Dare In Brocca" or "hit the target."

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