BIRCHWOOD CASEY Boomsland AR500 Shooting Gong 47330

BIRCHWOOD CASEY Boomsland AR500 Shooting Gong (47330)

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  • .5in Thick AR500
  • 9.5in Diameter
  • Includes Hanging Hardware
  • Stand: 24.7"H x 13.5"W x 7"D
  • Durable, Solid Steel Construction
  • Shooting You Can See and Hear
  • Centerfire Handguns and Rifles

When it's time to break out the heavy Artillery, it's time to break out the BIRCHWOOD CASEY Boomsland AR500 Shooting Gong. Featuring 1/2 inch thick AR500 steel and an extremely stable base, this target sets a new standard for ruggedness and reliability. With a resounding Gong and noticeable movement at each hit, shots can be heard and seen. Highly portable and easy to set up, the Boomslang Gong can be deployed almost anywhere in seconds. Made, with pride, in the USA.

This Boomslang Gong target is rated for center fire handguns and center fire rifles up to, and including, .300 and .338 Magnum rifles. Handguns require a minimum distance of 25 yds. For rifle use place the target no closer than 100 yards. When using rifles place the target further away as the muzzle velocity increases. The velocity of the bullet will deteriorate the target more than the weight. High velocity rounds (3000+FPS mv) or Magnum calibers should only be used at longer ranges of 200 yards or more.

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