FLATLINE OPS HaloX 36mm Level 30036-HXB
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FLATLINE OPS HaloX 36mm Level (30036-HXB)

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  • FLATLINE OPS HaloX 36mm Level (30036-HXB)
  • FLATLINE OPS HaloX 36mm Level (30036-HXB)
  • FLATLINE OPS HaloX 36mm Level (30036-HXB)
  • FLATLINE OPS HaloX 36mm Level (30036-HXB)
  • FLATLINE OPS HaloX 36mm Level (30036-HXB)
  • FLATLINE OPS HaloX 36mm Level (30036-HXB)
  • FLATLINE OPS HaloX 36mm Level (30036-HXB)

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  • Halo-X is a game change Originally designed for Leupold's Mark 5HD (U.S. Army PSR, M110 and MK22) military optic programs, this unique and precision engineered level is now available for civilian use
  • Machined from ultra-strong 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum, this is the lightest and strongest level
  • Weighing less than half an ounce, and only 5/16" wide, it's the most minimal level for crowded scope tubes with extensive vegetation
  • A long-range shot has many factors to take into consideration to be sure you are on target, and the ACCU/LEVEL anti-cant system aids in the correction of "cant error," giving you dead-on true vertical hold, right before you pull the trigger
  • Vial-Bridge dual vial connection points and suspended bubble level with reflective platform, allows maximum light refraction for enhanced fluid illumination and sight acquisition in all outdoor and harsh conditions
  • it is an anti-cant device that helps you hold your scoped gun level, plumb, and squared with the world for enhanced accuracy at long range
  • This durable aluminum hunting scope bubble level features Jaw-Bone barrel hinge point for easy installation, single top strap screw for ease of installation and access
  • This aluminum scope level is built for left or right handed shooters
  • Mil Spec Type III hard anodizing for durability
  • The latest level innovation from the design team at Flatline Ops
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Flatline Ops has taken over 50 years of master tool making and an obsession for firearms to create one of the more innovative companies in the firearm industry. Their mission is to re-examine and meet the needs of today's modern shooter by producing highly technical hunting, long-range shooting and precision firearm products. Made in the USA, Flatline Ops takes pride in creating products that meet the customer's demand for precision and dependability. Long range shooting accessories, optic support products, bubble levels and shooting bags for improving accuracy and repeatability.

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