Reasons to Consider Reloadable Rounds for Rifles

Reloadable rounds are a type of ammunition that can be reused and reloaded. Calling them a separate type might be an overstatement since practically all cartridges can be reloaded, with rimfire rounds being the only exception. Reloading makes for a great option for those who want to save money and take advantage of creating custom ammunition. You can save a pretty penny on buying ammo and explore different ammo loads and how they affect your performance. Such rounds can also be more accurate and powerful compared to factory-loaded ammunition, if one doing the reloading is knowledgeable, that is. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of reloadable rounds and how they can benefit firearm owners in general and rifle shooters in particular.

What Does the Ammo Reloading Process Look Like?

Ammo reloading might not seem like the easiest of processes, but once you get the hang of it, it might turn into a soothing and rewarding routine. The first step involves cleaning the used cases and checking the case’s integrity. Any brasses with signs of damage like cracks and scratches are not safe to reload and shoot, so it’s vital to inspect each case before reloading. Once you have examined them, proceed to lubricating - that’ll make the whole process much smoother. The thing to do next is size and deprime cases by running them through a sizing die. There are dimension requirements for every caliber that can be reloaded and those must be adhered to. Once you’ve made sure the dimensions are appropriate, it’s time for primer installation. After that, you can charge each case with gunpowder. The load compound is variable with a few recommendations provided for each round. That's one of the primary reasons why people reload their ammunition - they can single-handedly choose the load. Once the charging is complete, the only thing left is to seat the bullet. And here you are, sitting with a round you reloaded yourself. An experience most enjoyable and, which is no less important, quite beneficial.

The Advantages of Using Reloadable Rounds 

Reloading your own ammo comes with a variety of benefits that are too good to pass.

Saving Money. While it is true that you’ll have to acquire reloading equipment such as a reloading press, numerous dies, measuring tools and a variety of other tools, reloading saves money in the long run. This doesn’t apply to all the cartridges: some of them might cost you more to reload than to purchase. However, some rifle calibers cost a pretty penny to shoot and reloading can save you around 60% from a single box. If you are very passionate about shooting and spend a small fortune every month on ammo alone, reloading might be the thing regardless of the caliber you shoot. But if you only shoot every now and then, it’s better to stick to factory-produced ammo.

Shooting More Often. By saving money you acquire the opportunity to shoot more often and hone your accuracy. There is nothing to add here: the more training, the better.

Improve Performance. It’s not like reloaded cartridges are mysteriously more accurate. There is no magic involved here, only the numbers. The factory ammunition needs to meet certain criteria that make its potential somewhat limited. The ammo is to shoot safely in all firearms chambered in this caliber, all rifles in our case. As you can imagine, the technical characteristics of those rifles will differ and sometimes quite significantly. You can load ammo accounting for the features of your particular gun.

Experiment With Loads. Reloading your own ammunition also allows you to experiment with different powder loads, which can greatly improve your performance. By varying the amount of powder that you use in each cartridge, you can customize the velocity, accuracy and trajectory of the ammo. That will allow you to fine-tune your shooting style and make sure that you are getting the best possible performance from your weapon.

Spend Quality Time With Yourself. Reloading can be a very calming and enjoyable experience. It gives you the chance to take some quiet time to yourself and focus on something that doesn’t involve screens or technology. As a hobby, reloading your own ammo provides an opportunity for creativity, experimentation and exploration of how different components interact with each other. It’s a great way to learn more about firearms and ammunition while also taking pleasure in creating something from scratch.

Reloading Kits and Other Necessary Equipment

Reloading kits are indispensable tools for anyone who wants to start reloading. In addition to providing the components that you need, these kits also come with detailed instruction manuals and safety tips to ensure that you stay safe when working with powders and reloading equipment. Such kits don’t have fixed composition and may include a variety of items like calipers, powder measure, primers, shell holders, case trimmers and other supplies. Many of them also feature single stage presses. All of these items must be used in combination with the correct dies for your particular ammunition type to ensure accuracy and consistency.

In addition to a reloading kit, there are other pieces of equipment that might be necessary for the reloading process. That includes annealing machines, case lube tools, primer pocket tools, case cleaners and polishers; primer seating tools; bullet pullers; shotshell sleeves and wads; lubricants and more. Not all of them are a must, but it’s important to take your time and familiarize yourself with each item you’ll use before attempting any DIY projects.


Reloadable rounds are an excellent way to diversify your shooting experience and improve your shooting performance. Not only do they allow you to save money and customize your ammunition, but might also be beneficial for honing your shooting skills. Reloadable rounds give you the flexibility to create custom loads for any situation, from target practice to hunting. In case you are interested in hopping onto this reloading train, Gritr Sports has  everything you might need to start.


What equipment is needed for ammo reloading?

Ammunition reloading typically requires a reloading press, a set of dies, shell holders, powder measure, scale, priming tools, and a reloading manual. Additional equipment may include chamfer and deburring tools, case trimmers, and a tumbler. There are also consumables like powder and bullets and perishable materials like cartridge cases.

What are the safety considerations when reloading ammunition?

  1. Always wear safety glasses when reloading.
  2. Ensure that all reloading equipment is in good working order and that all components are properly fitted and adjusted.
  3. Use only the proper components for the caliber or gauge being reloaded.
  4. Check all cartridge cases for cracks, splits, or signs of excessive wear before reloading them.
  5. Do not exceed the maximum load specified by the reloading manual for your specific ammunition type and caliber/gauge.
  6. Make sure all primers and powder charges are correctly seated and properly crimped in place.

Are there any limits to what types of ammo can be reloaded?

First and foremost, rimfire ammunition is not reloadable. Some types of centerfire ammunition may also be not suitable for reloading. Those include incendiary, armor-piercing and other military-grade rounds, that may be illegal to reload in some jurisdictions.

What are the benefits of reloading ammunition?

The main benefits of reloading ammunition are cost savings, improved performance, and the ability to customize your own ammunition. Reloading allows you to use high-quality components to create ammunition tailored to your exact needs and preferences. It also allows you to save money by buying components in bulk and reusing brass cases. Additionally, reloaded cartridges are often more accurate than factory-made cartridges because the shooter can customize the process to their own preferences. Finally, reloading makes for a tranquil hobby for those who enjoy performing slow-paced detail-oriented tasks.

Is it cost-effective to reload ammunition?

It depends on the type of ammunition you plan to shoot. Reloading does require a one-time investment in specialized equipment and time, so it is important to do research and understand the costs associated with reloading before getting started. Generally speaking, reloading can be cost-effective for shooters who use expensive ammo and those who spend ammo in high volumes.

Feb 20th 2023 Gritr Sports

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