REDDING Reloading 40 S&W G-RX Push Thru Base Sizing Die

REDDING Reloading 40 S&W G-RX Push Thru Base Sizing Die (96040)

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  • The Redding GRx Base Sizing Die kit will not work with a progressive press. The press must accept a standard shellholder.
  • The GRx Die set is designed to restore fired cases from 40 SW autoloading pistols that exhibit a bulge near the base.
  • By passing the case completely through the GRx Die, the bulge is removed and the case may be returned to service
  • Kit includes: Steel Sizing Die, Shellholder Pushrod, Small Tin of Imperial Sizing Die Wax, Bottle adapter (fits standard Powder and Shot bottles with 28-410 thread) and Large 32 oz. HDPE Bottle
The Redding G-Rx Base Sizing Die meets the need of the reloader needing to reload brass shot through some of the most popular autoloaders today.
These autoloaders, when fired, produce a bulge at the bottom of the brass, which normal sizing dies can not reach and remove, rendering the brass unusable.
Simply push the brass through the sizing die and the bulge in the web of the brass is removed. This step fully sizes the brass back within the accepted SAAMI specification for brass diameter.
After the brass has been pushed through the die it may be resized in a standard sizing die allowing once unusable brass to be reloaded normally.

  • The G-Rx die set comes packaged with a pusher rod which fits into the ram like a shell holder and the unique push through sizing die with lock ring.
  • To use simply place the brass on top of the pusher rod. Then raise the ram to push the brass entirely through the die. The resized brass is then held in a rebated portion of the die for easy removal.
  • An optional bottle (Product #471-996) and bottle adaptor (Product #789-703) are available. When these two accessories are combined they make collecting the sized brass very convenient speeding up the sizing process
  • Reloaders using nickel plated cases may encounter die scratching problems as small particles of the hard nickel plating may be present from trimming/deburring and can find their way inside the dies
  • To avoid problems with die scratching, keep dies clean and free of debris
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