COJO MFG Magnetic Containment Device Gun Mount COJO2301
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COJO MFG Magnetic Containment Device Gun Mount (COJO2301)

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  • COJO MFG Magnetic Containment Device Gun Mount (COJO2301)
  • COJO MFG Magnetic Containment Device Gun Mount (COJO2301)
  • COJO MFG Magnetic Containment Device Gun Mount (COJO2301)
  • COJO MFG Magnetic Containment Device Gun Mount (COJO2301)
  • COJO MFG Magnetic Containment Device Gun Mount (COJO2301)
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  • Holds all pistols in all positions, revolvers and semi-autos alike
  • Unique "V" shaped design houses two of the highest grade rare earth magnets available, which gives this device its strength and ability
  • Small 2" x 4" case is made of soft polypropylene, so there is no worry of marring your gun's finish
  • With two grommeted mounting holes, it can be easily installed virtually anywhere to hold your pistol and extra mag
  • Belt loops are provided for convenient access to tools, pocket knives, or extra mags
  • Ribbed to keep the object from sliding
  • Black Finish

Cojo at Home
When a criminal breaks in your home, most of the time, he has an unfair advantage. He already has his loaded-gun in his hand, he has already made his mind up on his intent, and knows exactly when he is entering our home. Unfortunately, we have to be prepared and have our firearm ready at all times, out of the reach of our children that we are determined to protect.

Safety First

Proper gun placement is essential in protecting our family's lives. Command & Conquer can give you more options. Only you know where the right spots are for fast, convenient, safe access in your home. Think, have a plan, talk to your family about what to do and how to handle a break-in situation. Be more prepared than your assailant and always use safe and sensible gun placement practices when children are present. The best means of protection from a accidental shooting is education. Please teach your family gun safety at a young age, the more you are familiar with a situation, the less likely for a situation, it's only too late after the situation! "Safety First". Command and Conquer can be used in homes, offices, camps, and under any roof you need protection.

In the Vehicle
More times than most, we are not aware of all the dangerous situations that can occur while we're riding down the road. Maybe just by making a wrong turn or pulling in a parking lot, we can end up in a bad situation. An incident can happen before you know it while getting in or out of your vehicle, or just sitting in your parked car. Command & Conquer can give you fast, convenient, safe access to your pistol in your car or truck. It can be permanently mounted in open spaces readily available but not considered concealed. Carjacking in many ways are considered the same as breaking into your home. Read the laws for your State and teach gun safety in the vehicle. Again nothing beats being educated and always use safe sensible gun placement practices when children are present. "Safety First!"

Duck Hunting
It is essential in a duck blind. With 5 to 6 people that have a shotgun in front of each of them, and a dog running in and out of the confined space of the blind, it is a wonder more accidents don't occur. Several times in my life I have seen and heard a loaded shotgun fall in the blind. As my good friend, Phil says " it is the eeriest of sounds and in that split second you pray it doesn't go off." Well, we don't have a cure all but we do believe we have the best available safety product on the market.

One should position their shotgun side-ways so that the gun can fit as closely as possible to the front wall of the shooting porch, out of the way, and the butt of the stock, with as much surface area as possible, flat on the floor. We are not stating that a shotgun will never fall again but it will be much more difficult for it to happen than just propped-up at an angle like most of us have been doing. If it will just save one limb or someone's family member, it would be worth the effort. Once the accident happens it's to late! I remember my Dad's preachings. "Safety First".

Deer Hunting
Most of us have been just propping our rifle up in the corner of a box stand. Not only is this a very dangerous situation but also it takes up a good bit space, because of the angle the rifle has to lean to keep the scope from hitting the wall. Also, usually grabbing your propped gun makes a lot of noise hitting against the chair, wall, or heater. With the Command & Conquer, the rifle is turned side-ways straight up and down closely against the wall with the barrel securely held by the magnets. Removing the rifle, right before the shot on that suspicious huge buck, makes no noise! Also, you are much more unlikely to knock your expensive scope off and miss that one in a lifetime opportunity of bagging your dream trophy. Good luck and Safety First!

Hunting Against a Tree
Turkey, Deer or Dove hunting beside a tree. After some time, you get tired of holding your gun, so you start looking for a space against the tree to lean your gun against. With the Command & Conquer containment system, just place your draw-strap with the magnetic device laced thru the strap around the tree and pull tight. Then stand the gun up as straight as possible with the butt of the stock flat against the ground. Adhere the barrel into the magnet. Now you have a portable magnetic gun rack! Again, Safety First.

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