DIAMOND ARCHERY Edge Max LH 20-70 Verdant Compound Bow (A14014)
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DIAMOND ARCHERY Edge Max LH 20-70 Verdant Compound Bow (A14014)

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  • DIAMOND ARCHERY Edge Max LH 20-70 Verdant Compound Bow (A14014)
  • DIAMOND ARCHERY Edge Max LH 20-70 Verdant Compound Bow (A14014)
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  • The Edge MAX takes versatility and adjustability to a whole new level
  • Designed for every age, experience level, or intended use
  • The industry-leading synchronized binary cam system
  • Fast arrow flight of 314 feet per second to conquer any challenge
  • A strategically engineered caged riser design increases stability and accuracy
  • Fully accessorized and ready to go featuring premium Octane accessories
  • Adjustable draw length from 16" up to 31"
  • Adjustable draw weight from 20 up to 70 lbs
  • From AXLE to AXLE 31"
  • Available in various colors


The Diamond Edge series has led the way in versatility and adjustability that doesn't break the bank. The Edge MAX takes it to a whole new level. Powering this high-performing machine is the Synchronized Binary Cam System, providing easy tuning and best-in-class downrange accuracy. A strategically engineered caged riser design increases stability to further increase accuracy. All this performance is coupled with a 15" range of draw length and a 50lbs range of draw weight adjustability to fit nearly any archer. Maximize your archery experience with the Edge MAX.

EXTREME ADJUSTABILITY - ROTATING MODULES - Many bows require a new cam or module to adjust your draw length. With the Edge MAX you can simply remove the module screws, adjust anywhere from 16 to 31, re-tighten and you are set.

CAGED ALUMINUM RISER - The caged riser design was strategically engineered for ultimate stability, enhanced riser rigidity, and optimized accuracy that no bow at the price can provide.

EXTREME ADJUSTABILITY - DRAW WEIGHT - The Edge MAX features 50lbs of draw weight adjustment for a personalized fit to match any type of shooting. From youth to adult, beginner to the avid archer, the Edge MAX has you covered.

SYNCHRONIZED BINARY CAM SYSTEM - Our patented Synchronized Binary Cam system is engineered with two perfectly symmetrical cams working together for flat-line nock travel and maximum accuracy. Designed for an ultra-smooth draw cycle and simple tuning you can set and forget.


-Octane Furnace 4-Arrow Quiver - An ultra-durable, quick-detachable quiver. This quiver locks in nearly any size arrow and broadhead combination.

-3 Pin Sight - A durable and lightweight 3 pin sight.

-5 Inch Stabilizer - A 5 in. stabilizer that reduces sound and vibration while increasing accuracy.

-Brush Rest - A full capture arrow rest that features easy arrow loading and allows for any size or type of arrow.

-Carbon Peep - A lightweight all-carbon peep with an anti-glare finish.

-Diamond Wrist Strap - A durable nylon sling that prohibits dropping the bow while shooting.

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Warranty Information

MASS WEIGHT 3.7 LBS Lighter bows can be great for mobility while adding weight or dampeners can virtually eliminate vibration.
DRAW WEIGHT 20 - 70 LBS Max draw weights can typically be reduced by 10 lbs. This provides comfortable draw cycles for everyone while maximizing energy.
AXLE TO AXLE 31" Longer bows can increase stability while shorter bows can be better suited for maneuverability and tight spaces.
DRAW LENGTH 16" - 31" Compound bows have an adjustable draw length range and should be set to fit your unique body size and shape.
SPEED 314 FPS Today’s average bow speeds offer more forgiveness on the shot than ever. Faster bows can deliver more downrange energy.
BRACE HEIGHT 7.125" A longer brace height can offer more forgiveness on the shot while a shorter brace height can make a fast bow even faster.
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Additional Information

Left Hand
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Compound Bows
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