DIAMOND ARCHERY Edge SB-1 7-70lb LH Compound Bow A12701

DIAMOND ARCHERY Edge SB-1 7-70lb LH Purple Blaze Compound Bow (A12701)

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  • Ultra-versatile, easy adjusting hunting bow
  • Easy-to-setup bow with set-and-forget tunability
  • Easy-to-tune design that does not lose its accuracy
  • Rotating modules offer easy, wide-ranging draw length adjustment and an infinite draw stop
  • Draw weight indicator - easy visual verification
  • 80% effective let-off - makes it easy to hold at full draw when you need to

The DIAMOND ARCHERY Edge SB-1 Compound Bow lets you enjoy more time shooting and less time tuning. Combining the Bowtech Synchronized Binary Cam System with an EZ Adjust pocket design, this high performance bow gives hunters an easy-to-setup bow with set-and-forget tunability. Firing arrows up to 320 fps, the hard hitting, 80% let-off Synchronized Binary Cam System combines big power with a consistent accuracy other cam designs simply can't match. Powered by 2 perfectly symmetrical cams slaved to each other to turn in perfect synchronization, Bowtech's most accurate cam system delivers consistent, maximized accuracy.

Offering flawless, straight-line nock travel and exceptional tuneability that sticks, even with inevitable string and cable stretch over time, the Binary Cam System produces tack-driving accuracy and maximum impact on every shot. Rotating module design offers easy, wide-ranging draw length adjustment and an infinite draw stop without requiring a new cam or module. Lightweight 3.6lb bow measures 31" from axle-to-axle for easy manueverability and features a draw weight indicator for easy visual verification.

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Bow Type Hunting, Recreation
Draw Length, in 15-30"
IBO Speed 318 FPS
Mass Weight, lbs 3.6
Axle to Axle, in 31"
Brace Height, in 7"
Draw Weight 7-70
Hand Left Hand
Effective Let-off 80%
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Additional Information

Purple Blaze
Left Hand
Edge SB-1
Product Type:
Compound Bows
Serialized Item:
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