DRAKE Ghillie Bottomland Boat Blind DHG4000-006

DRAKE Ghillie Mossy Oak Bottomland Boat Blind (DHG4000-006)

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  • No-Shadow Dual Action Top with One-Way See-Through Mesh
  • Height/Width/Length Adjustment
  • Spring-Loaded Auto-Locking Legs
  • No obstruction to mud motor tiller handle
  • Top works in high and low profile
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Set-Up/Break-Down
  • Pins already in the legs
  • Designed to fit boats 14' to 17' (Fits some 18' boats)

DRAKE Ghillie Boat Blind
NO-SHADOW DUAL ACTION TOP = Their ROOMY full coverage top delivers 100% concealment for you and your hunting group. No dark/open holes or unnatural gaps to flare the birds. The full coverage top allows you to enjoy watching and working the birds without fear of any movement being seen. You no longer need to worry about your long-time hunting buddy flaring the birds you've worked so hard to get into gun range.

TWO HUNT SETTINGS = Hunt from the standard upright setting or drop the blind down and hunt low-profile. Somedays, particularly in late season, the birds are tough to work and overly skittish. The lower the profile of your blind, the more natural your setup appears. Drake's low-profile setting can mimic a marsh grass bank, muskrat hut, a beaver dam or smart weed in the swamp.

MUD MOTOR GATE = Simply pull a corner pin, then rotate your blind's rear frame rail and windblocker out of the way, freeing up the rear transom and seat area from obstruction. This allows your mud motor handle to move up and down, freely, without hitting and damaging your blind.

SPRING-LOADED AUTO LOCKING LEGS = Lifting your blind just got a lot easier with their new spring-loaded auto locking leg system. The springs help you lift the blind on each end, allowing both legs to engage and lock simultaneously.

OVER 200 PRE-DRILLED HOLES = Reduces installation time by 2/3rds and MORE IMPORTANTLY, you can quickly move your blind from your 14' early-season shallow-water rig to your late-season deep-water battleship. Simply pull the pins and slide adjust your blind's width and length. Moving from boat to boat has never been easier.

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Warranty Information

Material Strong, Durable Aluminum Frame
2 Rugged HD2 Leafy Windblockers with Brush Straps
Color Mossy Oak Bottomland
Blind Length, in 10'2" to 14'2"
Front Blind Width, in 36" to 56"
Rear Width, in 52" to 81"
Blind Height, in 42"
Weight, lbs 65
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Camo Mossy Oak Bottomland
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