DRAKE Neoprene Realtree Timber Shell Belt DA3002-033

DRAKE Neoprene Realtree Timber Shell Belt (DA3002-033)

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  • DRAKE Neoprene Realtree Timber Shell Belt (DA3002-033)
  • DRAKE Neoprene Realtree Timber Shell Belt (DA3002-033)

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  • 3.5mm neoprene
  • Adjustable belt with quick-clip buckle
  • 25 shell loops
  • Full-length top zipper
  • One size fits most
Hunting is full of intense activities which require focus, alertness and gun skills. The ability of the hunter to maximize his allowable resources ensures his harvest after a long day of hunting activities. He needs to develop his skills in order for him to save as many shells as possible because this will determine how good he is in this field. But somehow, there are cases wherein waterfowls are becoming hard to hunt. In these times, a hunter needs to be prepared for additional shells to use. Thus, you need to have a good companion in protecting and carrying your shells with you. Make the Drake Waterfowl Neoprene Shell Belt your storage partner as you go along.
With the Drake Neoprene Shell Belt, you can keep your shells and essential gear close at hand no matter your clothing or shell bag set-up. This adjustable belt is constructed of 3.5mm neoprene with 25 shell loops and a full-length top zipper for accessory storage.

ABOUT DRAKE: Drake forged a name for itself making innovative clothing and gear for hunters - folks who demand the most out of their gear. We struck a chord with outdoors men and women who look at the world the same way we do, and over time this crowd allowed us to make clothes that could be worn before and after the hunt as well. Today, Drake Clothing Company has a full line of clothing that draws on our roots in the outdoors. Our purpose is to capture the lure of the outdoors and take it everywhere we go. Because wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you're still always In Season.
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