EAR HUGGER SAFETY Eartube Earpiece EH-EPT-1004
Ear Hugger Safety

EAR HUGGER SAFETY Eartube Listen-Only Earpiece with 3.5mm Angled Plug and Long Cable (EH-EPT-1004)

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  • EAR HUGGER SAFETY Eartube Listen-Only Earpiece with 3.5mm Angled Plug and Long Cable (EH-EPT-1004)
  • EAR HUGGER SAFETY Eartube Listen-Only Earpiece with 3.5mm Angled Plug and Long Cable (EH-EPT-1004)
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  • Premium speaker
  • Gold-plated plug ensures the best signal for crisp, clear sound
  • High quality acoustic tube
  • EarHugger frame holds your earpiece comfortably in place
  • Comfortably wraps around ear
  • Accessories included
  • Long cable
  • 3.5mm angled plug

The EAR HUGGER SAFETY Eartube Listen-Only Earpiece with 3.5mm Angled Plug and Long Cable (EH-EPT-1004) wraps over your ear providing clear, private reception for your radio. This model comes with 3.5mm angled plug and long, coil cord for use with any radio, cell phone or speaker mic head with a 3.5mm jack. The acoustic-tube with open-ear insert or mushroom ensures only you hear your radio. The patented EarHugger frame holds it securely in place. Perfect for most any use-case including patrol, surveillance, tactical, military, SWAT, retail, security, manufacturing, logistics, retail, banking, casinos.

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Warranty Information

Cable Long Cable
Connector 3.5mm Angled
Best for Use with Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 6
Bearcom BC10
Bearcom BC110
Bearcom BC120
Bearcom BC130
Bearcom BC130U
Bearcom BC130V
Bearcom BC20
Bearcom BC90
Bearcom BC95
Bearcom Black Box
Bearcom Black Box Plus
Connect Systems CS1000
Connect Systems CS2000
Connect Systems CS3000
EarHugger EarHugger RSM with 3.5mm Audio Jack
Feidaxin FD-150A
Feidaxin FD-450A
Feidaxin FD-460A
Feidaxin FDC-160A
HTC One M8
HTC One M9
HTC One with 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Hytera PD5 Series
Hytera TC-1600
Hytera TC-2100
Hytera TC-500
Hytera TC-508
Hytera TC-518
Hytera TC-600
Hytera TC-850
Hytera TC-900
Kenwood KMC-41
Kenwood KMC-41D
Kenwood KMC-42W
Kenwood KMC-42WD
Kenwood KMC-47GPS
Kenwood KMC-47GPSD
Kenwood KMC-48GPS
Kenwood KMC-51D
Kenwood KMC-51M
Kenwood KMC-52D
Kenwood KMC-52W
Kenwood RSM with 2.5mm Audio Jack
LG K10
LG K20
LG Optimus
LG V20
Motorola AU1200
Motorola AV1200
Motorola AXU4100
Motorola AXV5100
Motorola BPR20
Motorola BPR250
Motorola BPR40
Motorola BPR400
Motorola CLS Series
Motorola CLS1110
Motorola CLS1410
Motorola CLS1413
Motorola CLS1450C
Motorola CLS1453C
Motorola CP100
Motorola CP110
Motorola CP125
Motorola CP150
Motorola CP185
Motorola CP200
Motorola CP200D
Motorola CP200XLS
Motorola CP220
Motorola CP240
Motorola CP250
Motorola CP300
Motorola CP88
Motorola CT125
Motorola CT150
Motorola CT250
Motorola CT450
Motorola CT450LS
Motorola DEP450
Motorola DTR Series
Motorola DTR410
Motorola DTR550
Motorola DTR610
Motorola DTR620
Motorola DTR650
Motorola ECP100
Motorola EP450
Motorola EP450S
Motorola GP200
Motorola GP2000
Motorola GP2100
Motorola GP300
Motorola GP308
Motorola GP3188
Motorola GP350
Motorola GP3688
Motorola GP600
Motorola GP68
Motorola GP88
Motorola GP88S
Motorola GTI
Motorola GTX
Motorola HMN4112
Motorola HT850
Motorola LTS2000
Motorola Mag One Series
Motorola Motorola RSM with 3.5mm Audio Jack
Motorola NNTN8236
Motorola P040
Motorola P080
Motorola P110
Motorola P1225
Motorola P1225LS
Motorola P200
Motorola P2000
Motorola PMMN4013
Motorola PMMN4023
Motorola PMMN4025
Motorola PMMN4041
Motorola PMMN4042
Motorola PMMN4043
Motorola PMMN4084
Motorola PR400
Motorola PRO1150
Motorola PRO2150
Motorola PRO3150
Motorola RDM2020
Motorola RDM2070D
Motorola RDU
Motorola RDU2020
Motorola RDU2080
Motorola RDU2080D
Motorola RDU4100
Motorola RDU4160
Motorola RDU4160D
Motorola RDV
Motorola RDV2020
Motorola RDV2080D
Motorola RDV5100
Motorola RDX Series
Motorola RMM2050
Motorola RMU2040
Motorola RMU2043
Motorola RMU2080
Motorola RMU2080D
Motorola SP10
Motorola SP21
Motorola SP50
Motorola Spirit HP 10
Motorola Spirit MU11
Motorola Spirit MU11C
Motorola Spirit MU11CV
Motorola Spirit MU12
Motorola Spirit MU21CV
Motorola Spirit MU22CV
Motorola Spirit MU22CVS
Motorola Spirit MU24CV
Motorola Spirit MU24CVS
Motorola Spirit MU24CVST
Motorola Spirit MV11
Motorola Spirit MV11C
Motorola Spirit MV11CV
Motorola Spirit MV12
Motorola Spirit MV12C
Motorola Spirit MV12CV
Motorola Spirit MV21C
Motorola Spirit MV22C
Motorola Spirit MV22CV
Motorola Spirit MV22CVS
Motorola Spirit Pro
Motorola Spirit Pro Plus
Motorola Spirit SU22
Motorola Spirit SU220
Motorola Spirit SU22C
Motorola Spirit SV10
Motorola Spirit SV11
Motorola Spirit SV11D
Motorola Spirit SV12
Motorola Spirit SV21
Motorola Spirit SV22
Motorola Spirit SV22C
Motorola Sprit HP
Motorola Sprit Pro Plus
Motorola VL130
Motorola VL50
Motorola XT420
Motorola XT460
Motorola XTN
Motorola XTN446
Motorola XTN500
Motorola XTN600
Motorola XU1100
Motorola XU2100
Motorola XU2600
Motorola XU4100
Motorola XV1100
Motorola XV1400
Motorola XV2100
Motorola XV2600
RELM / BK Radio
RELM / BK Radio RP6500
RELM / BK Radio RPU6500
RELM / BK Radio RPV6500
Safety Innovations VidMic
Safety Innovations VidMic VX
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy with 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Standard Horizon MH-57A4B
Tekk XU100
Tekk XU1000
Tekk XV100
Tekk XV1000
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