G9 AMMO 9mm 80Gr External Hollow Point Ammo 9MM-80
G9 Ammo

G9 AMMO 9mm 80Gr External Hollow Point 20/Box Ammo (9MM-80)

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  • G9 AMMO 9mm 80Gr External Hollow Point 20/Box Ammo (9MM-80)
  • G9 AMMO 9mm 80Gr External Hollow Point 20/Box Ammo (9MM-80)
  • G9 AMMO 9mm 80Gr External Hollow Point 20/Box Ammo (9MM-80)
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  • The External Hollow Point bullet features proprietary geometry on the exterior of the projectile that produces a "Barrier Blind" capability and extreme wounding as it goes through the target
  • The uniquely shaped tip allows penetration of common barriers such as windshields, drywall and vehicle sheet metal with no projectile deformation
  • While designed to cut through hardened materials, the EHP round slows quickly in tissue to prevent over-penetration
  • In addition to reliable penetration and immediate energy transfer into the target, the lightweight EHP projectile greatly reduces felt recoil, allowing for rapid follow up shots
  • Every aspect of the G9 External Hollow Point has been scrutinized and engineered to produce the best carry ammunition for a defensive handgun

The G9 AMMO External Hollow Point Ammo is a precision made defensive handgun round that has unmatched reliability. The reliability comes from the fact that it does not require expansion to create devastating wounds and not over-penetrate. This is due to the unique and patented shape of the projectile. Rather than expansion, it utilizes its shape to create cavitation by way of fluid dynamics that enlarges wounds and uniformly transfers energy to repeatedly penetrate to an optimal depth.

The EHP is a truly barrier blind munition. It is precision machined from solid copper and has no possibility of jacket separation not matter what barrier is encountered. It passes through common barriers without transferring energy so there is still a uniform and dynamic effect on the intended target. EHP technology employs light for caliber projectiles. This not only increases the amount of kinetic energy that gets transferred into the terminal target, it significantly reduces felt recoil.

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Warranty Information

Bullet Type External Hollow Point
Caliber 9mm
Grain 80
Muzzle Velocity, fps 1480
Muzzle Energy, ft lb 389
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Additional Information

Bullet Type:
External Hollow Point (EHP)
9mm Luger
Product Type:
Handgun Ammo
Serialized Item:
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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Light recoil

    Posted by Esmay Guy on Jul 12th 2022

    Thought it was a gimmick ammo but got proven wrong. Suprisingly light recoil compared to penetrating capabilities.

  • 5
    Interesting design

    Posted by Elsie-May Ewing on Jun 8th 2022

    Ammo with interesting design, impressive precision and penetration at close-medium range.

  • 5
    Outstanding precision

    Posted by Caden Mcclure on Jun 4th 2022

    After trying this out, instantly switched all of my CCW and home handguns g9 ammo. Outstanding precision and power!

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