Taurus G2-G4 Series - 2023 Guide

From the reliable handguns used by civilians to service weapons carried by police, the Taurus brand has cemented its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of EDC pistols and revolvers. Though the company is known for quite a number of concealed carry pistol models, its G-series stands out from the crowd. The line now includes several generations of EDC guns, with each iteration offering new features and design tweaks to keep up with the times.

Though newer models may boast more advanced technology, they all remain dependable guns that are trusted by millions of gun users. Each model brings something unique to the table and deserves a closer look. If you’re looking for an EDC firearm, our guide on the Taurus G2-G4 series can help you decide which model is best suited for your needs.

Taurus G2-Series

The Taurus G2 pistols were designed for everyday carry, with a streamlined ergonomic design and rugged compact polymer frame being their key advantages. The PT111 Millennium G2 was the first pistol in the G2 line, released in 2013. Since then, the Taurus G2 series has become a household name among CC handgun owners.

The current flagship model of the Taurus G2 series is the Taurus G2C. This 9mm handgun features a 3.2-inch barrel and a 12-round capacity magazine. It also comes with a steel ramp front sight and adjustable rear sight for improved accuracy when shooting. The lightweight polymer frame makes it easy to conceal and comfortable to carry all day long. The model is equipped with a number of safety features implemented in the majority of other G-series pistols. Those include a loaded chamber indicator, striker block and manual and trigger safety.

The Taurus G2C is often compared to its nearest relative, the Taurus G2S. Both pistols feature similar ergonomics and design, but there are some key differences between them. The Taurus G2C is slightly bigger and heavier than the G2S, which allows for better recoil management. Additionally, the grip on the G2C is slightly wider than that of the G2S, making it more comfortable to hold during extended shooting sessions. In all other respects.

Overall, the Taurus G2 series of pistols offer reliable performance and great value for those looking for an everyday carry gun that won't break their budget. With their lightweight design and durable construction, these handguns are perfect for anyone looking for an affordable yet reliable concealed carry option.

Taurus G3-Series

The Taurus G3 is the most popular series of EDC handguns from Taurus. It is the most varied line of pistols that includes compact, full-size and hybrid firearms, introduced in 2019. The bigger frame of the Taurus G3 allows for packing more features into the pistol that delivers a new take on the traditional striker-fired design.

The first model in the series is the Taurus G3. This full-size pistol has a Picatinny rail (Mil-STD 1913) to accommodate aftermarket extras and a Gen 3 trigger system for improved accuracy and control. It also has an ergonomic design with textured grips for better handling, as well as an ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release. Like other pistols in the series, Taurus G3 features a double-strike trigger. With an impressive magazine capacity of 17 rounds, this model makes for a finest full-framed pistol.

The second model in the series is the Taurus G3C. This compact 15-round pistol has all the features of its bigger brother, but with a shorter barrel and grip for easier concealment and portability. Like its older relative, it has an adjustable rear sight that allows you to customize your aiming experience according to your preferences.

The third model in the series is the Taurus G3X. This hybrid pistol combines features from both full-size and compact models, making it ideal for those who want the best from both worlds. It has a longer barrel than its smaller counterpart but still retains its slim profile for easy carrying. It also features a refined 6-lb trigger with a smooth take-up and crisp break. Unlike its sibling, Taurus G3X has NO manual safety, whereas all the other safety features are in place.

Finally, there’s the Taurus G3XL, another hybrid that also took after the original G3 model, but inherited features different from G3X. It has a standard barrel of 4 inches, but is slightly lighter than the original and thus is classified as a compact pistol. It also features a lower round capacity of 12 cartridges.

When comparing Taurus G3 Series with their predecessor -Taurus G2 Series-, we can see that both lines offer similar features such as adjustable rear sights, ergonomic designs with textured grips and ambidextrous slide stops/magazine releases, but what sets them is size. While both lines have compact models available, only Taurus G3 offers full-size and hybrid pistols as well as additional features like interchangeable backstraps or extended levers on some models which make them better suited for different types of shooters depending on the owners’ needs or preferences.

Taurus G4-Series

The Taurus GX4 series of pistols is the latest innovation in concealed carry firearms engineering. It's the brand's first micro-compact 9mm pistol, setting a new standard for concealed carry. Released in 2021, the GX4 combines the capacity, accuracy and power of a full-sized pistol and packs it into an ultra-concealable frame.

The GX4 comes in two models: the standard GX4 and the GX4XL. The standard model has a 3.06” barrel and holds 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition while the XL model features a 3.71” barrel and can hold 13 rounds. The Taurus G4XL also features a longer slide. Both models have DLC-coated barrels with gas piston technology for improved accuracy and reliability.

Compared to previous generations of Taurus handguns, the GX4 series is a pinnacle of EDC engineering. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry all day without added bulk or discomfort, while its gas piston technology ensures smooth operation with every shot fired. Additionally, its high-capacity magazines provide plenty of firepower when needed most.

As you can see, the Taurus G2, G3 and GX4 series pistols offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a full-size EDC pistol or a compact concealed carry option, these guns offer unmatched reliability, accuracy and comfort. The abundance of options only speaks in favor of the brand, since you are more likely to find something that piques your interest. Investing in a Taurus G-series pistol is investing in quality.

What is the difference between the Taurus G2, G3 and GX4 pistols?

The Taurus G2 is the predecessor to the Taurus G3 series of pistols. It only comes in compact models while the G3 series has full-size and hybrid models available. The Taurus GX4 is the most recent innovation in concealed carry firearms engineering, being the brand's first micro-compact 9mm pistol.

Which Taurus pistol is right for me?

If you are in the market for a self-defense or concealed carry pistol, the Taurus G3 series is always a safe choice, being the brand’s most appraised line of pistols. If you want a handgun that can boast ultimate concealability, then take a look at Taurus GX4 pistols.

How do I choose the right Taurus pistol for self-defense?

The Taurus G3 series is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable full-size EDC self-defense pistol. These handguns feature adjustable sights, interchangeable grips and a 17+1 capacity which is usually enough to stop any self-defense situation. The mid-size G3C model also offers great reliability stored in a smaller-framed pistol.

What are the benefits of owning a Taurus pistol?

Taurus pistols are known for their superior craftsmanship and durability. Many models feature adjustable sights to ensure accuracy and adjustable grips for enhanced comfort. Also, the majority of models come equipped with loaded chamber indicators and slide-mounted safeties. In addition to all these features, Taurus offers lifetime repair warranties on many of its firearms as well as great customer service and 24/7 technical support.

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