KALASHNIKOV USA 762x39mm Semi-Auto Rifle KR-103SFS-TEN
Kalashnikov USA

KALASHNIKOV USA 7.62x39mm 16.33in 10rd Semi-Auto Rifle (KR-103SFS-TEN)

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  • KALASHNIKOV USA 7.62x39mm 16.33in 10rd Semi-Auto Rifle (KR-103SFS-TEN)
  • KALASHNIKOV USA 7.62x39mm 16.33in 10rd Semi-Auto Rifle (KR-103SFS-TEN)

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  • Built to the exact specifications of the Russian AK-103 Rifle
  • 100% American-Made
  • Forged Trunnion
  • Cold-hammer forged barrel with chrome lining
  • Compensator/flash hider hybrid muzzle device
  • M24x1.5 RH threaded barrel
  • Side rail for attaching optics mount (mount not included)
  • Polymer foldable stock
  • Includes hard case

Kalashnikov USA's KR-103 is a 100% American-made AK-pattern rifle that retains the robust simplicity of Mikhail Kalashnikov's original design. The KR-103 is largely based on the Russian AK-103 - an enhanced version of the AK-47 and one of the last rifles that Mikhail Kalashnikov had directly overseen the development of. Both the AK-103 and KR-103 have been augmented with modern innovations, with Kalashnikov USA going to great lengths to ensure the KR-103 met the original Russian specifications. One of the KR-103's more notable features is its forged trunnion, which undergoes an advanced manufacturing process that aligns the grain structure of the metal with the shape of the part for remarkable density, strength, and a long service life.

The KR-103's barrel is produced using the most advanced cold-hammer forging process available, before being chrome lined to resist rust/corrosion as well as enhancing the rifle's reliability. The barrel is topped with a vcompensator/flash hider hybrid muzzle device. In addition to minimizing muzzle flash, compensator/flash hider significantly reduces hefty recoil and muzzle rise of the 7.62x39mm cartridge to a level on par with 5.56 NATO. The compensator/flash hider is removable and can be replaced with other muzzle devices or suppressors featuring a M24x1.5 RH thread pitch. Another prominent feature of the KR-103 is a side rail for the installation on an optics mount.

Kalashnikov USA offers a wide assortment of side rail mounts, but the KR-103 is also compatible with the vast majority AK-type aftermarket and military-surplus optics mounts. Other features of the KR-103 is an upgraded stock which features the iconic profile of the original AK-47 stock, but is made from ultra-durable polymer for a lifetime of reliable service. The stock can be folded to the left side as well to make the rifle easier to carry, for better CQC capabilities, or for a handy storage/transportation option. In addition, the KR-103 offers the same legendary reliability that all AK-pattern rifles share, ensuring flawless operation in virtually any environment or condition.

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Warranty Information

Caliber 7.62x39mm
Action Semiautomatic - Gas Operated
Safety AK-Style Selector
Barrel Length, in 16.33"
Barrel Thread Pitch M24x1.5 RH
Rifle Stock AK-Style Polymer Folding Stock
Scope Mount AK-Style Side Optics Rail (mount not included)
Magazines Included (1) 10 round magazine
Iron Sights Yes
Handedness Right Hand
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