KALASHNIKOV USA 9x19mm Semi-Auto Pistol KP-9AW-TEN
Kalashnikov USA

KALASHNIKOV USA 9x19mm 9.33in 2x10rd Semi-Auto Pistol (KP-9AW-TEN)

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  • Based on the renowned Russian Vityaz Submachinegun
  • Uzi-style, blowback operated, telescoping bolt design
  • PPSH-style, curved double-feed, polymer/steel magazine
  • AK-style recoil-spring and overall profile
  • Out-of-battery safety mechanism prevents weapon from firing unless bolt is completely closed
  • Hinged dust-cover with picatinny rail
  • Included muzzle brake, can be replaced with any 1/2x28" muzzle device
  • Smooth, 2-stage trigger
  • Wooden handguard - available with either a red or amber finish

Kalashnikov USA sets a new standard for Personal Defense Weapons with the KP-9, a versatile, AK-style PDW based on the Vityaz Submachinegun. The Vityaz was designed at the request of Russian Federal Police forces to address the terminal ballistics issues faced by weapons like the AK-74u and other short-barreled rifles chambered with full-power rifle cartridges. Just like its Russian counterpart, the KP-9 takes its design from a variety of different firearms. One of the most obvious weapons the KP-9 is based on is the AK-pattern rifle, evident in the weapon's overall appearance and an AK-style recoil spring. The core operating system however differs significantly from the AK-family of weapons, incorporating a blowback system rather than a gas piston system. This design was made possible by replacing the gas components of the AK with a bolt carrier that carries the extra weight of the AK's gas piston, reminiscent of the telescoping bolt design used by the Uzi submachinegun. Finally, the KP-9's magazine is based largely off the curved, double-feed magazine associated with the WWII-ear PPSH submachinegun. This magazine design was chosen due to the sheer reliability, and is enhanced with an ultra-durable polymer/steel construction as well as a specially designed feed ramp to accommodate the use of jacketed hollow point (JHP) ammunition. The result is a simple, yet robust operating system with an incredibly reliable magazine. Testing conducted by Kalashnikov USA proved the KP-9 was capable of accepting a wide variety of cartridges, and a 20,000 round torture test with a full-auto variant demonstrated the KP-9's utter reliability.

In addition to its unique design and extreme dependability, the KP-9 offers a considerable range of user-friendly features. The bolt is outfitted with an out-of-battery safety mechanism to ensure the weapon will not fire unless the bolt is fully closed, and the Uzi-inspired bolt helps reduce both recoil and carbon fouling. The KP-9's hinged dust-cover is equipped with a picatinny rail, giving the user virtually unlimited options for mounting optics and retains optic zeroing even after cover is opened. The 9.33-inch barrel is topped with an included muzzle brake, but this can be replaced with any muzzle device that uses 1/2x28" threads. Furthermore, the KP-9 features a smooth, 2-stage trigger for precise shot placement, and a wooden handguard (available with either a red or amber finish) gives the weapon a more traditional appearance.

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Warranty Information

Caliber 9mm
Action Semiautomatic - Blowback
Safety AK-Style Selector
Sights AK-Style Sights
Magazines Included 2
Magazine Capacity 10 rounds
Grips AK-Style Wood Grips
Barrel Length, in 9.33"
Barrel Thread Pitch, in 1/2x28"
Weight 5.62 lbs
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Additional Information

Barrel Length:
9mm Luger
Product Type:
Long Pistols
Serialized Item:
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