Otis MSR_AR Tool Set FG-932

OTIS MSR/AR Maintenance Tool Set (FG-932)

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  • Contains the tools to clean some of the most critical parts of your firearm
  • You can now thoroughly clean areas such as the locking lugs, the slides, bolt face, rails, and any other hard to reach places
  • Includes: a scraper, a locking lug scraper, a straight pick, a pin punch, a nylon end brush, a compact receiver brush, and two rod handles
  • Brass Scraper is used to clean carbon deposits and other debris from any flat surface on your firearm
  • Locking Lug Scraper is designed specifically for the locking lugs of your AR-15/M4/M16
  • Straight Locking Lug Pick is engineered to clean in the tight crevices of your firearm
  • Pin Punch is great for removing the pins out of any firearm held together with a pin system
  • Nylon End Brush can be used to lubricate the slides, but also has stiff enough bristles to dust off carbon and other loose debris
  • Male and Female Rods act as handles, and can be added onto any of the components in this tool set for additional length
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Firearm Maintenance
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